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Audience Section

The Identity of New Media Audience:A Discourse-theoretical Analysis of Audience Studies in China Mainland (2000-2010)
Guiquan Xu
Interrogating the audience concept – Theoretical horizons
Miroljub Radojkovic, Ana Milojevic
Inside the constructions of mental health: media and the everyday life of women in Thailand
Nitida Sangsingkeo
Do Flemish Television Commercials Meet Urban Youth? Results from a Content Analysis and Survey on Cultural Values
Joyce Koeman
Experiencing Media Consumption: Insights from the Study of Malaysian Audiences of Japanese Popular Culture
Eriko Yamato
Habitual and ritual television use – theoretical approach and empirical measurement
Teresa K. Naab
The Audience Embedded in the Narrative: An Experiment in Interactive Storytelling
Peter Vorderer, Christoph Klimmt, Christian Roth, Ivar Vermeulen
The Reception of Advertisements in The Context of The Urban and Rural Consumer Groups
Yesim - Celik
Applying genre theory to (online) public participation. Theoretical perspectives.
Marie Dufrasne, Geoffroy Patriarche
Digital inclusion in the face of social semi-exclusion: adapting the EU Kids Online questionnaire
Cristina Ponte, José Alberto Simões, Ana Jorge
Interrogating audiences: theoretical horizons of participation
Nico Carpentier, Peter Dahlgren
Leading a farmer's life in Farrmville. From city life to virtual farm life
Norbaiduri Ruslan
Mediated public voices needs theory to be heard
Nurcay Turkoglu
When museum becomes a message for participating audiences
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt
Audiences research and social capital theory: a possible research agenda
Manuel Damasio
RE-GENERATION and Recursivity: An Experiment in Bringing an Ethnography of Public Sphere Engagement to the Theatrical Stage
Debra Vidali
Are youths and their digital media the same everywhere? Connectivity in the US, UK, and Japan
Toshie Takahashi
A tutorial for the realization of dreams? The interpretation of casting shows by socially disadvantaged young people
Christine W. Wijnen
The Impact of Mass Self-Communication on the Stock Markets: The Case of WikiLeaks
Nur Uysal
Drivers and barriers to digital television adoption in Portugal: the perspectives of the TV viewers and other main stakeholders
Celia Quico, Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques, Iolanda Veríssimo
Public Privacy: Private Information and Photos on Social Network Sites
Sascha Trueltzsch
Children interpreting, children using: The task of interpretation from audiences to users
Ranjana Das
Mobile technologies, urban space and brazilian soundscape
Simone Maria Andrade Pereira De Sá
Between strategic nostalgia and banal nomadism: Strategies of presence among Arab audiences in Europe
Myria Georgiou
Discourses about Audiences: Cross Cultural and Linguistic Comparisons
Richard Butsch, Sonia Livingstone
Media Ethnography and Public Sphere Engagement: Theorizing Audiences, Connections, and Stances
Debra Spitulnik Vidali
How Real is Reality TV? Teenagers' Readings of the New Genre: A Case Study of Malaysia
Juliana Abdul Wahab
The Audience Segmentation in Polarized Television Viewing Patterns
sungdong cho
“Ethnographies of ‘Youth’ Agency in Communication for Development Initiatives”
Thomas Tufte
How to citizen bloggers recode news from traditional news media?
Yeran Kim, Irkwon Jeong
The Mobile in Urban Life
Didem Ozkul
Adaptive Opportunities of Communicative Practices in Contemporary Urban Audiences in the Situation of Socio-Cultural Crisis (on the example of Odessa Urban Communities)
Oksana Lychkovska
Toward a Subjective Aesthetics of Popular Media: Audiences, Reception Studies and Texts in the Age of Convergence
Cornel Sandvoss
Community of divergence: hierarchy and dispute in an online fan group
Bruno Campanella
Information and News on Television, from Breakdown of Trust to the Economic Crisis: an Empirical Analysis of Italian Audiences in Broadcast TV
Simone Carlo, Daniele Milesi
The Construction of Audiences by Regulatory Agencies: Ofcom’s review of public service television
Peter Lunt, Sonia Livingstone
Hear and Heal: Intimacy, Ordinariness and Japanese Music Audiences
Rafal Zaborowski
Home is where our God is? Comparing Everyday Religious and Mediated Cosmopolitanisms among Diasporic and Non-Diasporic Youth in Two Cities.
Heba Elsayed, Esther Chin
What Matters Most to Audiences of Folklore Performance: Identifying a New Relationship in Communication and Marketing
angela chang
Bavubuka All*s: Conscious Hip Hop and the Negotiation of Youth Identity in Kampala
Nanna Schneidermann
Who tells us who we are? - Differences in social comparisons with media characters and real people
Christina Peter, Andreas Fahr, Hannah Früh
The cosmopolitan ethos: an empirical investigation into the question of a ’mediated cosmopolitanism’
Johan Eric Lindell
Critical diasporic audiences: Identification and news consumption among Flemish families of Moroccan and Turkish descent
Hatim El Sghiar
The effect of fandom on the use of auditive media. A recipient-oriented study
Philip Kreuzer, Reimar Zeh
“Dance like Nobody is Tagging You: The Influence of Online Social Networks on Public Socializing Practices”
Meltem Acartürk
Audience Reception Analysis of Moroccan Public Service Television Audiences
Bouziane Zaid
Radio, “expats” and the production locality in the Algarve
Inês David
Profiles of digital TV adopters in the switchover context in Portugal
Celia Quico, Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques, Iolanda Veríssimo
Fattorello 2.0
Francesca Romana Seganti, Giuseppe Ragnetti
Avril Lavigne’s digital fan networks on Orkut: also an ethical issue
Joao Osvaldo Schiavon Matta, Gisela Grangeiro Castro
‘Cinemas’ on the Go: A Pilot Study of Audiences’ Video-Viewing Practices through Portable Media Devices
Vinnie Guo-Chiang Yu
Relating News Participation to News Consumption: A Study in Hong Kong
Joyce Nip
Local Audience As Knowledge Community: How City Residents’ ‘Views’ Infiltrated a Fiction Film for Broader Audience Appeal
Judith Anne Sandner
Arabic speakers viewing television in the EU: 'Prisoners behind netting, cut off from all social life, deprived of identity'?
Christina Slade, Ingrid Volkmer
Desperately Seeking a Public? Young People, the internet and mediated citizenship
Dr. Barbara O'Connor, Claire English
American and Norwegian online fans’ perception of positive portrayals of Muslim Arabs in 24: Textual poachers or reactionary ‘gamekeepers’?
Rolf Halse
Diasporic Audiencehood : Watching Home From Distance
Vildan Mahmutoğlu
Farmer wants a wife and the audience sighs – Analyzing the factors of success of a popular reality TV show
Nina Haferkamp, Juliane Rietzsch, Elena VonRoell, Pamela Przybylski, Lena Kiepe, Till Kreis, Siri Henkel, Svetla Simeonova, Marius Meier, Louisa Mahr
“Children and teenagers’ perception of television contents in Mexico”
Fernando Tucho, Francisco Javier Martínez Garza
Fostering Creativity Through Audience Research at the BBC.
Nicholas Nicoli
The (resistant) audience perspective on climate change: A dynamic-transactional concept and empirical findings from a national survey.
Irene Neverla, Monika Taddicken
Thinking about audiencehood in a convergent and ubiquitous media landscape
Katerina Diamantaki
The subject position of ordinary people in mediated environments: A power struggle oscillating between the construction as ordinary and as ordinariness
Nico Carpentier
Media Life in Transition – Patterns of Cross-media Use among Young
Oscar Johan Andreas Westlund, Jakob Bjur
Resistance, reflexivity and criticism : the audience of TV serials in France, from amateur spectator to professional critic.
Anne-Sophie Béliard
Questioning The Concept of Audience via Alternative Media and ‘Production-Reception Cycle’: Case Of BIA
Beybin Kejanlıoğlu, Mustafa Emre Köksalan, Barış Çoban
Negotiating liminal moment: A critical look at audience and social networking
Anirban Mukhopadhyay
10 cities, 10 street cultures, 10 video clips. Interactivity through WebTV?
Imke Hoppe
“What is there to do?”: Distant suffering and the mediation of agency
Maria Kyriakidou
‘Each child, an explorer’ - child audiences in technological public policies
Sara Pereira, Luís Pereira
Communicating, sharing and “teasing” each other:
Ingunn Hagen
Study of Benefiting and Satisfaction Rate from and with Mass Communicative Multimedia among the Students Studying at Tehran's Universities
omid ali masoudi

Communication Policy and Technology Section

Evaluation of Korean information infrastructure policy 2000-2010
Dong-Hee Shin, Tae-yang Kim
ICT Contours in Africa’s Development: Prospects and Concerns
Dr.Ibrahim Saleh
Mobile TV adoption and content preferences: Perceptions of Internet users in Singapore
Trisha T. C. Lin, Yah-Huei Hong
Gender and New ICTs: A Content Analysis of Television Commercials
Jia Lu
The Narratives of Expectations: The Domestication of Internet
Per Hetland
Privacy as Invisibility: Pervasive Surveillance and the Privatization of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Francesca Musiani
Ethics in the Internet Design Process
Sandra Braman, Nathan J. Bares
Designing for Instability: Internet Architecture and Constant Change
Sandra Braman
Walled Gardens: An analysis of the private-public nature of online leisure
Payal Arora
The creative industries and Salvador’s development plans and economic development strategy
Fábio Ferreira
Copyrights in Brazil: historical overview and current perspectives
Fábio Ferreira
Surveillance, privacy and data protection policies in Sweden and the European Union
Pieter Verdegem, Christian Fuchs
Citizens and New Information and Communication Technologies: brand new tools, old ethical dilemmas
amaya noain sánchez
Hacktivism, Cyberwars, and Copyright Controversies: Anonymous – Criminals or Heroes?
Burcu S. Bakioglu
Consumer Protection in Cyberspace
oscar howard gandy, jr.
The Internet Privacy: Past, Present, and Future
Yong Jin Park
Cultural backgrounds and privacy concerns in the Web 2.0 era. The case of Google buzz in Europe and in the United States.
Federica Fornaciari
Grasping users’ Quality of Experience of a location-based mobile MMORPG played in a city context: a multi-method approach
Katrien De Moor, Jeroen Vanattenhoven, Kris Naessens, Karen Torben Nielsen, Adrian Juan Verdejo, An Jacobs, David Geerts, Lieven De Marez, Wout Joseph, Luc Martens
Creativity in Gaming World: Motivations, Practices and Culture Among Game Modders in Taiwan
Ying-Chia Hazel Lin
Description, analysis and evaluation of Digital Government in Mexico: 2011
Gerardo Luis Dorantes, Eduardo Álvarez
The Effects of Copyright Enforcement
Ann Hollifield, Lee B. Becker, Tudor Vlad
New Urban-Rural Communication Policies and Regulations
Joseph Matumaini Kyara
User involvement in Living Labs: a critical reflection
Katrien De Moor, Dimitri Schuurman, Juho Salminen, Pirjo Näkki
Bridging the space of places with a flow of tweets. A topography of local event tweets in a French-German border region.
Thilo von Pape, Michael Scharkow
The Mobile & Me: Young Canadians Negotiate the Impact of Mobile Phone Regulation
Leslie Regan Shade, Tamara Shepherd
Opening Pandora's Box: Defining Noncommerical Use in Creative Commons Licenses
Minjeong Kim
200 laptops for a school - a pilot evaluation of OLPC Afghanistan
Melanie Stilz
Privacy and Security Issues in Turkey’s e-Government Project as a Matter of Public Policy Making Process
Gunes Can Acar, Funda Başaran
IPTV technology, policy and net neutrality
Diolia Graziano
Mind the gap: an examination into ‘one-step legislation’ in transitional Taiwan
yachi chen
Online Privacy Policies: Can it help in the Intrusiveness in Data Collection?
Margaret Tan
Music and Stardom in Online Social Networks
Sara Bannerman
Articulating Community in Dispersed Urban Settings
Shanene Louise Ditton
Between Security and Privacy. Understanding the Balance be-tween Surveillance and Data Protection as Local, Regional and Global Policy Issues
Johanna Jääsaari, Maria Löblich
Civil collective action against data retention. An empirical case study on Germany.
Maria Löblich, Manuel Wendelin
Crowdsourcing for smart engagement apps in an urban context: an explorative study
Peter Mechant, Lieven De Marez, Laurence Claeys, Johan Criel, Pieter Verdegem
Small Nation, Big Firm: Nokia and the Finnish “Big Brother” Legislation
Johanna Jaasaari
Inclusion, exclusion and social media: ICT-based initiatives and future opportunities
Lore Dupont, Karin Slegers, Dirk De Grooff
Hadewijch Vanwynsberghe, Steve Paulussen, Pieter Verdegem
Freedom of Information Activism as Mediated Resistance
Bart Cammaerts
Social media use and corporate dataveillance: exploring and assessing digital Personal Identifiable Information (PII) collection tools
Rob Heyman, Jo Pierson
To trust or not to trust: Trends and covariates of Internet trust in Hong Kong
Fei Shen, Jonathan J. H. Zhu, Taiquan Peng
The Rise of the Silver Surfer: Web 2.0 Participation by Seniors
Stijn Bannier
Breaking Barriers: Mobile Phone Usage by the Disabled in Singapore
Rasyida Samsudin, Tasneem Ali, Angela Shiyun Han, Yiting Lian, Arul Indrasen Chib
Improvisation practices in a Living Lab-setting: high school students as designers in the SensorLab
Sabrina Sauer
Redefining Business Space: Intelligent Networking and the Transnational Corporation
Richard A. Gershon
Don’t forget your passport: Border stories and mitigating citizen vulnerability
Karen Louise Smith, Andrew Clement
Misuse of Media Regulation: The case of the PEMRA ordinance in Pakistan
Khawaja Zain-ul-abdin, Mariliis Vahe
Click on the Share Button: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Motivations for Online Content Sharing
Qinwei Xie
Diversity or homogeny: Concentration of ownership and media diversity in Pakistan
Azmat Rasul, Jennifer M Proffitt
The appropriation of ‘real-time’: The role of users in the co-construction of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Guillaume Latzko-Toth
Impression Management via New Mobile Phones: Integrating Multi-Level Factors to the Theory of Planned Behavior Model
Younbo Jung, Trisha Tsui-Chuan Lin, Clarice Sim, Namkee Park
Narcissus, Communication Anxiety, and Gratifications-sought on SNS and Social Capital among College Students in China
Online & Offline Social Network Structures: Focusing on Individual Characteristics
From Development Communication to Internet Connectivity: Milestones in United Nations Transfer of Communication Policy to Africa (1958-2010).
Lyombe Eko
Innovative and inclusive public services in smart cities: A multi-method approach
Isabelle Stevens, Katrien De Moor, Tom Evens, Nicolas Rombaut, Gino Verleye, Lieven Demarez, Pieter Verdegem
Copy-riot: how digital rights activist hack into European Union policy-making to defend civil rights in digital environments
Yana Breindl
The Internet: an open communication network? Studying online copyright enforcement policy from a communication science perspective.
Trisha Meyer, Leo Van Audenhove
The silliness of silos: broadband and broadcast policy in South Africa
Guy Berger
“It’s the services, stupid”: identifying killer applications for next-generation networks
Lynn De Vlieger, Elke Boudry, Tom Evens, Pieter Verdegem, Lieven De Marez
Informing evidence-based policy for children’s online opportunities and risks:
Sonia Livingstone
Inclusion, exclusion and social media from a legal perspective
Pieter Jan Valgaeren
WikiLeaks: Musings on the Limits Control
Marko M Skoric
Panel Proposal “User Empowerment in a Social Media Culture”
Peggy Valcke
Examining the Factors that affect Digital Television Adoption: Comparing the Adoption of Digital Terrestrial Television with that of Digital Cable in Taiwan
Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Lin-Mei Stella Huang
Predictors of Social Media Use: The Role of Gratifications-sought, Narcissism, and Passion for Social Media
Australian Kids Online
Lelia Green, Catharine Lumby, John Hartley, Danielle Brady
Online on the mobile – new challenges for awareness, information and policies
Gitte Stald
Do objects dream of an internet of things: re-locating the social in ambient socio-digital systems
Teodor Mitew
Fifteen years of universal access policies in South Africa. A genealogy of the telecentre concept and its related policies
Leo Van Audenhove, Ntombizandile Lesame, Dorien Baelden
The Emerging of a Hybrid TV Model in Spain: Toward an Interactive Concept of Media Convergence
Teresa Barceló Ugarte, José Carlos del Ama Gonzalo, Maria Sanchez Martinez
Social networking, privacy and level of vulnerability among youths: in search of a policy framework protecting the citizens from malpractice in the cyberspace of Bangladesh.
Faheem Hussain, Mohammad Sahid Ullah
The link structure of provincial media websites in China
Heng Lu
Trust, safety, security: Framing EU Kids Online policy recommendations within the Digital Agenda for Europe
Brian O'Neill
The Neglected Side of Creativity Equation: Filtering of Ideas, Online and Offline
Harmeet Sawhney
Resistance and Dissidence in Digital Capitalism: Rupture or Continuity?
Rodrigo Saturnino
Beyond Cities: Infrastructure, broadband, and rural challenges
Sharon Strover, Joe Straubhaar, Bob LaRose, Jennifer Gregg
Media, Militarization and Policy for Social Justice: Does the Demand for Human Rights Challenge Violence?
Lisa B Brooten
A Paris “Digital Neighborhood” - Digital Social Innovation From Discourse to Practice
Meryem Marzouki
The value of digital games within the process of socialization
Robert Seifert
Copyright Infringement Online: The Case of the Digital Economy Act Judicial Review in the United Kingdom
Robin Elizabeth Mansell, Edward Steinmueller
Internet Governance: Actors, Issues and Differences
Sevda Ünal
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Fears and hopes
fardin alikhah
Mapping the Public Policies of ICT Developments in Brazil
Jeremiah Spence, Stuart Davis, Joseph Straubhaar, Nadie Christina Machado Spence
What Teletex can teach us
Jay K McKinnon
Mirca Madianou
Digital Radio Broadcasting (DAB) - A Lost Cause in Germany
Hans J. Kleinsteuber
From the “virtuality” into the “reality”…. Egyptian media spectrum
Sahar Mohamed Talaat
‘Creative Schools’ – a social networking for connecting school communities
Sara Pereira, Luís Pereira
The effect of applications on intention to adopt smart phones: An embedded TAM model
Byeng-Hee Chang, Jaewon Kang, Junho Choi, Sunhee Lee
From Argentina to Iceland – Policy Initiatives for Civil Society Media
Arne Hintz
Technologies of green? ICT use among the youth and environmental sustainability development in China’s three cities
Dan Su
Improvising Internet Governance: Emerging Trends In The Internet Governance Forum
nanette Levinson, derrick cogburn
Competing or complementary agents of socialisation? Measuring the effectiveness of parental, teacher and peer mediation of EU kids’ Internet use
Veronika Kalmus
Innovation in small regions’ media sectors: how to promote what?
Heritiana Ranaivoson, Karen Donders, Pieter Ballon

Community Communication Section

“Creativity and Connectivity in a ‘Bottom-Up’ Approach to Communication: How Third Sector Media are Challenging Traditional Mainstream Media as a New Model of Communication for the Future?”
Daniel Henry Mutibwa
Waves of Defiance: Participation, Citizenship and Pirate Radio as Empowerment in Zimbabwe
Last Moyo
Programming community radio within a fractured suburbia: An action research study of access and programming participation of urban sub-cultures
Peter Bryant, Natalie Pozdeev
A Four-Quadrant Approach to Participant Observation with Radical Social Movements: Reflections on fieldwork at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit and the 2009 UN Climate Conference
Patrick McCurdy, Julie Uldam
The Potential of Performance Theory to Study Community Media in War Contexts.
Clemencia Rodriguez
Exploring the Cyberinfrastructure to Support Distributed Collaborative 
Learning Communities in Disability and Public Policy in Southeast Asia
Derrick L. Cogburn, Timothy Foley, Clyde White
Information Activism, Human Rights, and the Diffusion of Contentious Tactics
Laura Stein
Different Places Different Voices: Participatory Communication and Rural Gay Social Movements
R.E. Davis
Ciudadanía comunicativa de las migraciones transnacionales: medios de comunicación y movilización social de latino-americanos
Denise Cogo
Prisoners’ radio, community and notions of belonging.
Heather Anderson
Pinoy Online: The Role of Internet in Building Community Among Filipino Migrants in Japan
Reggy Capacio Figer
Media convergence and the future of Internet: which challenges for Community Communication?
Adilson Vaz Cabral Filho
Reflections on December riots of 2008 in Greece
Pantelis Vatikiotis
Identity Discrimination in Network Society: A Study of "Migrant Worker" Label in China
Cinema and social attachments: technological communication as a kind of community relationship
Josimey Costa da Silva
ICTs and the information society in Africa: Is the role of community radio becoming irrelevant?
Goretti Linda Nassanga
Riding on the wrong name: A case of 'community' newspapers in Zimbabwe's Midlands Province
Laina Taruva
The Cinema of the Periphery: narratives of the everyday life, visibility and social recognition.
Daniela Zanetti
Núria Reguero
Small-scale Media Used as Vehicles for Equality in the Pre- and Post-digital City: The Case of Austin, Texas
Dean Graber
Community radio and mental health
Michael Hugo Meadows, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton
New Communication Paths of Local Roma Community Developed through Global Connectivity
Cigdem Aksu, Gökben Demirbaş
Connecting urban and indigenous experiences with community media: the experience of Ojo de Agua Comunicación in Oaxaca Mexico
Claudia Magallanes-Blanco, Alfredo Atala-Layun, Daniela Parra-Hinojosa, Teresa Flores-Solana
Toward an EcoMedia Theory
Gabriele Hadl
Relational Practices of Connectivity and Creativity: Politics of ‘Listening’ in Community Media Practices of Diasporic Youth in Melbourne
Akina Mikami
Community media: democratizing democracy and fostering self-realization
Ricardo Fabrino Mendonça
Radical Printshop Collectives (UK) 1968-98: Politics and technology
Jess Baines
The Identification of Three Ideal-Types of Minority Language Newspaper: In the Liberal Media Model Society of Hong Kong
Cindy Cheung-Kwan Chong
The flux of emergent ties in the city-state: Understanding the role of mobile phones in the acculturation of Christian Indian migrant workers in Singapore
Arul I Chib, Rajiv G. Aricat
Creating ‘community’ in a ‘creative city’: Cultural value and community-based cultural production in Melbourne
Rimi Khan
The GetUp! movement and the ‘new’ alternative media: Alternative journalists’ views on the contribution of the internet to alternative and community journalism
Susan Forde
"Our Site is Our Castle" - Use of Web 2.0 websites by minority groups
Eva Bognar, Judit Szakacs
Public policies and community radio in Bolivia
Juan Ramos
Resisting Web 2.0 Exploitation: Social Media Activism, Connectivity, and Autonomy in Milan
Veronica Barassi
Media and civil society under attack – the case of
Mojca Planšak
The Potential of Digital Storytelling workshop practice for Community Building
Burcu Simsek, Sengul Ince
What if you create a community radio policy and nobody comes?
Kate Coyer, Joost van Beek
Waves of Change: Mapping Community Media Projects
DeeDee Halleck
Over-Mapping: Exhausting the City
Nina Gojic, Maria Neicu, Ariadni Lignou-Tsamantani, Caroline Santos Rodrigues
Silvio Henrique Barbosa
Thinking Beyond the Global City: Minor Transnationalism and the Case of the Vancouver Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A)
Su-Anne Yeo
Can alternative media serve as contribution into 'spectacle'? Case study on Turkish video activist collective Karahaber
Ilkin Mehrabov
Navigating radio without radio: responding to spectrum shortages
Andrew Ó Baoill
POOR Magazine and Civic Engagement through Community Media
Cindy Vincent
Community Radio in an Australian City: The Melbourne Experience
Kerrie Foxwell, Kerrie Foxwell
Emergence of Community Media in India as a sector as well as a discipline
Arul Selvan
Developing (digital) bridges for the conflict case over Kosovo through the emergence of a peace journalism platform
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Dimitrios A. Sotiropoulos
The online protest ecology: exploring the tensions among multiple internet technologies for activism
Emiliano Treré
Picnoleptic, Urban and Recursive Citizens (PURC) of 2010s: Recreating the Post-democratic
Asli Telli Aydemir
1. Creating an individualized activist community? The cases of 38 degrees and Amnesty International UK
Anastasia Kavada
Creating a digital community communication model in a risk society: an action research in an indigenous community in Taiwan
mine-ping Sun
Media Convergence for Community Communication: A case study of Indonesian Community Radio Networks
Mario Antonius Birowo
The Re-enclosure of Community Media
Dorothy Kidd
How to be a Hungarian Roma: Changing ideas of ethnic belonging in Socialist and Post-Socialist Hungary
Judit Szakacs
“Researching with teenagers”
Maria Amparo Cadavid
Mexican Human Rights NGOs' Strategies for Reaching Mediated Publics
Ella Elizabeth McPherson
Class and Voice: working class communities making media in Ireland
Margaret Gillan
“People’s media” and policy development in the face of political violence: Thailand and the struggle for media democratization
Lisa B Brooten
The favela tours: a comparative analysis between the users’ narratives of an online discussion forum and the point of view of residents in a slum in Rio de Janeiro
Mariana Nascimento Bispo, João Luis de Araújo Maia
Decentering Public Radio as forms of CommunityBroadcasting and Cultural Pluralism in South Africa
Brilliant Mhlanga
Normalisation and its discontents: Policy, legal and regulatory standards for community broadcasting
Steve Buckley
Social Sphere and Participatory Community: Learning From the Spirit of Community Media-Based Development in Indonesia
Re-narration Web
t b dinesh, suzan uskudarli
The "Lebanese blogosphere effect": Emergent positions of journalistic authority in the Israel-Hizballah War, Summer 2006
Kristin Shamas
Communication as a tool of social role. The conceptual approach to an applicable model
Fernanda de mello dias Guimaraes
The hillbilly rebellion: rural protests and mass media in East Germany
Marco Braeuer
Bricks, posters and bits: the dispersed texture of urban activist scenes
Paolo Gerbaudo
Is there anything new under the sun? Radio frequencies distribution and discrimination against community radios in Spain (1979 - 2010)
Chiara Saez Baeza, Javier Garcia Garcia
Rebuilding community: participation and engagement in a post-quake networked movement
Manuela Farinosi, Emiliano Treré
Examining the Inter Organizational Relationships that Build Social Capital: Evidence from Zagreb, Croatia
maureen taylor, marya L doerfel
Technological Activism Across Borders: FM Radio and “Oral Wiki” Projects in East Africa
Christina Dunbar-Hester
Sustainability of Community Radio in Britain in a changing political landscape
Salvatore Scifo
From the local radio to the local televison online
Halia Costa Santos
One Year in Movement
Cinzia Padovani
Social Movements and Media Policy Change: Emerging Policy Reform Frames in Latin America
Stefania Milan
Community Communication and Societal Accountability actions to preserve Planaltina Historical Heritage and Cultural Diversity
Juliana Soares Mendes, Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Marcelo Ximenes Aguiar Bizerril, Eliana Machado dos Santos, Leyberson Lelis Pedrosa, Jairo Faria, Mel Bleil Gallo
Radio, Convergence and Development in Africa
Using “Sharp Weapon”: Connecting between Migrant Worker’s Community and Cities through Cultural Struggle and Dialogue——The Action Research on “New Worker ‘s Culture and Art Festival” in Pi Village, Beijing, China
Wei Bu

Emerging Scholars Network Section

“Student-mentor relationships: The quality of doctoral supervision”
Judy Burnside-Lawry
Andrew Whitworth-Smith
Policy visions of young people’s digital literacy for citizenship
Tamara Shepherd
Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u
Caring About the Plumbing: A Social Science Perspective on the Study of Network Architecture
Francesca Musiani
Data integration and segregation: Profiling the poor online
Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Media reform in fragile states: new perspectives on donors’ ideological divergences
Simon Thibault
Narratives of insurrection and conceptualizations of rage: accounts of the riots of December 14th 2011 in the self-produced media of the Italian student movement
Lorenzo Zamponi
Gender the in newsroom agenda: How journalists understand the International Women’s Day and the women’s movement in Portugal
Carla Cerqueira
Using video and YouTube as Tools of Sousveillance
Tina Riis Askanius
Painting Color Revolutions: Media Coverage of “Rigged” Elections in Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan
Elena Chadova-Devlen
Can a free foreign media trigger a snowballing effect in a non-democratic region? (Case Study : Did Radio Free Europe act as a diffusion mechanism in Czechoslovakia’s transition to democracy in 1989?)
Veronika Horvathova
El periodismo de paz como paradigma posible: el caso de en España
María Isabel Hernandez Sanchez, Eva Espinar Ruiz
Bloggers as Leaders: The influential power of new media practitioners in Malaysia.
abdul latiff ahmad
The Greek news blog phenomenon: Troktiko and the rise and fall of the fifth estate
Michael Nevradakis
From journalistic routines to news coverage: the 2009 EP Elections in Portugal
Ana Isabel Martins
Political Communication in Morocco’s Elections Campaigns: Content, Production, and Audiences
Karim Achibat
Public Participation in Television: Will TV save us?
Iliana Esther Ferrer Rodríguez, Altug Akin
Analysis of Media and Social Influences on the Use of Social Networking Sites in Thailand (Work in progress)
Nuchada Dumrongsiri, Vikanda Pornsakulvanich
Privacy and Power in Social Space: Facebook
Margot Anderson Buchanan
There is a Facebook group for that: Analyzing online participation for Ontario policy-making
Karen Louise Smith
Digital Sisterhood: Facebook as a Tool of Empowerment Among Liberian Refugee Women in the U.S.
Patricia G. Davis, Peter Paye
'Kingston City under Siege’: Permutations of City Life through Alternative-Media News Reporting
Richardo Williams
Political socialization of female immigrants in the United States
Yulia Sergeevna Medvedeva
Barriers to Information Access: Did the FCC consider the information needs of the LGBTQ community in the new “Internet Neutrality” regulations?
Liza Barry-Kessler
Transnational Queers and Local Straight Girls: The Consumption of Global Media Contents among Korean Young Females
Jungmin Kwon
Beyond the Closet: Lebanese Queer (in)Visibilities Online
Sara Mourad
Consumer Nationalism in a Neoliberal Age: Case of United Condoms of Benetton Advertising Campaign
Yeşim Kaptan
Developing Intercultural Awareness and Sensitivity Through Digital Game Play
Anika Struppert
Communicating the Food Justice Movement: Urban Gardening in New York City
Anna Glasser
The Study on a Broadcasting Program Performance in a Digital Convergence Era: Focussing on a Discussion of Measurement Methodology about Finding a Trace of Audience's Cross-platform Viewing
sungdong cho
The ‘contemporary art biennial’ boom: Politics and the political economy of an emerging institution
Panos Kompatsiaris
Tracing the mediation of political violence within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Rut Maria Sanz Sabido
Children’s identities at the crossroads between individual agency, socialization, social inequalities and national context
Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova
Europeanized public spheres through mass-mediated social memory work? Some theoretical and empirical remarks
Judith Lohner
Re-claiming Space, Controling Squares, Revolutions in Beirut and Egypt
Joe F Khalil
Topic of Climate Change in Communication and Media Research: Reviewing Scientific Literature
Inesa Birbilaite
Directions of desire: An understanding of the city and its role in shaping homosexual spaces
Ravikant Kisana, Jayadevan Ambat
An inquiry into the engagement of citizens in responsible environmental behaviour (work in progress)
Tiago Eder Garcia Rodrigues
self-disclosure in online support groups for people living with depression
Qinfeng Zhu
Documentary as Rhetoric: A Cross-nation Study of Germany and Japanese Directors’ Retrospection on Istanbul and Taiwanese Music Culture
Birdie Wei-jung Chang, Yihsuan Chen
Reporting Regional Geohazards as part of the public discourse on climate change: A transnational comparison of journalistic practices, routines and constructions of meaning
Stefanie Trümper
Mainstreaming: The Cultivation of System Justifying Beliefs
Carmen Stavrositu
West Meets East at the Wagendorf Lohmühle: A New Narrative of German Reunification
Juliet Anne Lammers
Tea'd Off: Media and the Rise of the 21st Century Tea Party
Khadijah White
The art of constructing identity and otherness online: the case of minority groups and Internet activism in the Philippines
Cheryll Ruth Reyes Soriano
The live music in Milan: methodological challenges of studying a music scene
Silvia Maria Tarassi
Understanding the Rise of WikiLeaks
Karlijn Ghislaine Marchildon
Techno-nationalism and creative industries: the development of Chinese online game industry in a globalized economy
Qiaolei JIANG
Two “springs” and “winters”in the history of Australian Chinese newspapers (1856-1981)
Jack K.J Liu
Structural Transformations of Capitalism and Political Economy of Communication: Audiences, Immaterial Work and the Commons
Jernej Prodnik
From Paper Mill to Google Data Center: the role of network infrastructure and digital capitalism
ShinJoung Yeo
The determinant factors of international film festivals' success: Focused on perceived value, satisfaction, and future behavioral intention
Hyunwoo Lee
“Call” girls: The unruly subjects of outsourcing
Trina Joyce Sajo
The Writing of the Silence: Creating an Odd Space in Connection with Philosophy and Communication
Burcu Canar
Challenging a Past: Cityscape, Aesthetics and Collective Memory
Sandra Ristovska
Bab al-Hara: Nostalgia and the Neighborhood
Creative Social Entrepreneurs, Social Capital, and Collaborative Governance: A city-region based analysis
Graeme M Webb
The Self-Narrative Model of Drug Addiction – An ethnographic study of mediated hegemonic meanings of drug addiction in Hong Kong
Wai Sing Tsen
Carrying the world on your shoulder: An ethnographic investigation into the lives of ‘coolies’ at an Indian Railway Station
Shiba Daveshar
Arabic Online Newsroom: Conceptions about the user and how they shape multimedia production
Nesrine Khaled Abdel-Sattar
Mothers in French tv series : thinking about identity and representations.
Sarah Lecossais
Subvertising and subactivism: two faces of the consumer-citizen empowerment
Ana Duarte Melo

Gender and Communication Section

Empowering Scenes: the communication as an strategic area to women’s autonomy through audiovisual narratives
Fernanda Capibaribe Leite
Getting into the Mainstream: The Virtual Strategies of the Feminist Movement in Puerto Rico
Firuzeh Shokooh-Valle
Women in the advertising profession: A literature review
natalia pueyo
violence against women in comedy programs in Mexico
Ma de Lurdes Barbosa Cárdenas
Alive and well? Patriarchy and Capitalism in Israeli Communist newspapers 1965-1975
Sachlav Stoler-LIss
Panel Queer Theory in Media Studies
Jan Pinseler, Sander De Ridder, Frederik Dhaenens, Sofie Van Bauwel, Michele Aaron, Irmi Karl, Susanne Lummerding, Skadi Loist
ICT, gender and education: An updated perspective on the gender issue
Cathrine Edehard Tømte
Queering Media Studies. Potentials and Consequences of Applying a Queer Perspective to the Study of Media
Jan Pinseler, Skadi Loist
Developing Queer Ethics in Media Research: Critique, Activism and Other Dilemmas
Irmi Karl
Meta Perception and the Representing of the Consumption Behaviours of Women in Television Advertisements
Hatice Şule Oğuz
The Finnish case – researching gender and a female-dominated profession
Tarja Savolainen, Henrika Ziliacus-Tikkanen
News, women and journalism: from media economy to gender representations
Carla Cerqueira, Rosa Cabecinhas
Gender, Culture and Communication in Urban Settings: Case of the Indonesian Female Youths
ilya revianti sunarwinadi
Redefining Mediality
susanne lummerding
Analyzing Gender Differences in Self-Presentation on Social Networking Sites
Nina Haferkamp, Anna-Magarita Papadakes, Jana Vanessa Kruck
Gendered Conception of Globalization and Media Use in Greater China
Fen Jennifer Lin, Chin Chuan Lee
The Un-Fair Factor: Racism, sexism and the illusion of empowerment in fairness cream advertisements on Bangladeshi television
Kajalie Shehreen Islam
Gendering digital inclusion and participation: The case of the mobile phone.
Carla Ganito
Female Announcers in Japanese Television: Are They Experts or Eye-Catchers?
Akie Arima
“Turkish toyboys – a growing trend or a media construction? An analysis of the British tabloid media”
Nilyufer Nedzhib Hamid, Liesbet Van-Zoonen, Giselinde Kuipers
Advocacy journalism and female genital cutting in the New York Times
Dovile Ruginyte-Daveluy
What Can the Death of a Female Celebrity Teach Us? : An Analysis of Defne Joy Foster’s Death as Portrayed in the Turkish Press
Banu Akdenizli
Labels for Women: The reproduction of docile bodies in Hong Kong media
Donna Chu
Sex, violence, health and moral panic: Gendering Montana meth campaign
Doreen Vivian Kutufam
Extras in celluloid and reality: A study on the portrayal and real life experience of junior artists in Bangladeshi film.
Jinat Hossain
A Chinese Beauty Story: How Chinese College Women Negotiate Beauty, Body Image and Mass Media
Meng Zhang
"The Terrorists with Highlights": Framing the Female Suicide Bomber's Body in Mainstream Turkish Media
Rustem Ertug Altinay
Exploring the Interplay of the Internet and Social Support: A Study of Married Bisexual Women in Taiwan
Hou Cheng-Nan
Negotiating gender roles and sexuality through television use: an audience research of Flemish teenagers.
Elke Van Damme
Gender representation in printed advertisements during post-Soviet period. Formation of ideal Femininity / masculinity. Analysis of Latvia’s case study 1991-1995.
Marita Zitmane
Latinas sexys: un análisis del contenido mediático y de las audiencias en Japón
Betsy Forero Montoya
A Portuguese political female blog: is there a space for rationality?
Maria José Brites
Women are primarily women : the gendered construction of fiction characters in French tv series
Sarah Lecossais
Public Women in Patriarchal Spaces – Undercurrents in Urban India
Swati Chintala, Ravikant Kisana
The role of love in latin american soap operas
cristiane henriques costa
Portrayal of Women in Turkish Local Newspapers-C
Eskisehir Kent Konseyi Kadın Meclisi
Considering Sin, Sodom, and 'God Hates Fags': An Analysis of the Westboro Baptist Church and Anti-Gay Hate Speech
Chang Hui Chew
The Wii Fits All? The analysis of women’s social consumption of Nintendo Wii at home
Nien-Hsuan Leticia Fang
Najundappa mamatha
Communication for Strengthening Gender Equality, Culture, and Community Relationships
Wilson Truman Okaka
"Street Therapists": Race, Sexuality, and Affect Among Brazilians and Puerto Ricans in an American City
Ana Ramos-Zayas
PREFEMINISM AFTER POSTFEMINISM: Contradiction in Postfeminist Media and Culture
Andrea Lee Press
The invisible woman: gender, candidates and election coverage of the British General Election 2010
Karen Ross
Representing “Modern Women”: A Pictorial Semiotic Analysis of Advertisements of Taiwan Women’s Sphere during Japanese Occupation of Taiwan
Hsiu-hui Sun, I-fen Chen
Obstacles to the success of Chinese women journalists amidst media commercialization reform
Haiyan Wang
Gender and the Political Economy of Media in Mexico: Women and Media Industries
Aimée Vega Montiel, Fátima Fernández Christlieb, Patricia Ortega, Elsie Mc Phail
Stereotypical Gender Representations in a Confucian Society? South Korean TV Ads
Female online participation and discussion: a case study.
Marisa Torres da Silva
“Where men and women make a jest, a problem lies concealed”: a multilayered analysis of Russian entertainment TV-programs Projectorparishilton and Devchata
Liudmila Voronova, Ekaterina Kalinina
Disarticulated laughers: backlash in entertainment in France
Suffragettes in the News
Kaitlynn Mendes
Meherjaan: Gendered Nationalisms and the Space of a Film
Gitiara Nasreen
Images of oppression: Coverage of the Afghan women in the Time and Newsweek in Taliban and post-Taliban regimes
Azmat Rasul, Stephen D McDowell
Women in Media: Technological advances used for war reporting have accomplished little for Afghan women
Sherry Marie Wasilow
Patriarchy, ‘Paisa’ and Media: A Case Study of Media Women in Chandigarh
Sumedha Dhani
Polish popular cinema and paradigms of gender in the era of political transformation
Arkadiusz Lewicki, Katarzyna Konarska
In/between fiction and reality: Media, everyday life and construction of gender
Incilay Cangoz, Emre Gokalp, Hakan Ergül
Bold Red Line Patriarchy and Capitalism in the Saudi-Lebanese Media Connection
Marwan M Kraidy, Sara Mourad
Negotiating pregnancy loss on online forums: A feminist counter-public sphere?
Claudia Alvares
Who Makes Decisions? Role of Gender on Communication and Participation in WSIS
Sarah DeCristofaro, Norhayati Zakaria, Derrick L. Cogburn
Business Leaders and Gender Hierarchy in News Photography. The Iconography of Male and Female Managers in German Newspapers and Magazines
Elke Grittmann
Global seduction and digitally mediated gay discourse from Morocco, 2005 -2011
Justin McGuinness
Media visibility of the Portuguese parliamentary deputies during the Guterrismo period (1999/2002). The case of the Parity Bill.
Ana Santos Cabrera
Exploring Challenges and Opportunities Facing Women in Turkish and Bulgarian Media Newsrooms
Elanie Steyn, Kathryn Jenson White
Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo: pioneering through the Portuguese political field and the journalistic representation of female politicians
Carla Martins
"Choosing" to be Invisible?: Gender, Inequality, and Discourse on Virtual Crowdsourcing Work
Monika Sengul Jones
Video / Film Production as a Tool for the Representation of the Feminist Politics in Turkey
nazan haydari
Hyper-gendered Discourse in Japanese Fashion Magazines: A comparative content analysis
Todd joesph Miles Holden
¿Equidad de género en elecciones mexicanas? Un acercamiento a la mediatización de la democracia genérica
Carolina Pacheco Luna
El sexismo publicitario en las leyes de violencia de género. Estudio empírico en España, Argentina, México y Estados Unidos
Marta Martín Llaguno, Marián Navarro Beltrá
Imaginarios y miradas sobre la ciudad en el cine gay hispanoamericano (1998-2003)
Daniel Gonzalez Marin
Imágen, palabras, género y espacio público en el arte contemporáneo
Maria Laura Gutierrez
Nuevos mitos en la red. Experiencias del activismo feminista en la web en Argentina
Adriana C Causa
Sexismo y Violencia de Género en Campañas Gubernamentales
Olga Bustos-Romero

History Section

The Marabou and the Rat Pack: British Military Intelligence and correspondents in the South African War of 1899 to 1902
Donal Patrick McCracken
Inauguration of the Eiffel Tower and the 1889 Paris World's Fair in the Hebrew Press In Europe
Gideon Kouts
The City as an Ultimate Medium: Cartesian Philosophy and the Triumph of the Grid in Western Urbanism
Juraj Kittler
Obituaries for Dead Journalists: between biographematic écriture of history and representations of journalistic matrices of presumed truth
Eliza Bachega Casadei
Photographers breaking the Iron Curtain: role of informal international communication networks in Soviet photography
Alise Tifentale
Panel: A Historical and Contemporary Overview of Mass Media in Central Asia
Richard Shafer Shafer
In Need of Defenders: Imperiled Press Rights in Central Asia
Eric Freedman, Richard Shafer
Journalists without freedom of expression: Autobiographical reflections of professional dilemmas of Estonian journalists (the 1940s-1980s)
Epp Lauk
Stories from inside the news room – journalists’ autobiographies as a source for media history
Thomas Birkner
Carlos Barrera
Social defiance in the Central Asian media: Placing new media in historical context
Hans Ibold
Why understanding the ambitions and abilities of Central Asia’s entrepreneurs is important
Gul Berna Berna Ozcan
Lenin is Still on the Reading List: Journalism and Media Education at Central Asian Universities
David Harley Mould, Olga Kungorova
Autobiographies of GDR journalists: Reconstructing journalistic structures in former socialist countries
Anke Fiedler, Michael Meyen
Radical Activists, Liberal Journalists: Reporting political violence in Britain from the 19th century to the present
marina prentoulis
Teaching Ethnic Media History: A Pedagogical Challenge for Journalism Schools
Giovanna Dell'Orto
The history of the free media system in the Eastern part of Germany after the reunification: status quo and analysis
Markus Beiler, Johannes Gerstner
The role of mass media in occurrence of Islamic Revolution 1979 in Iran
Ali Mohammad Tarafdari
Unfinished Memoir: E. J. Dillon (1854-1933) and the Daily Telegraph
Kevin Rafter
‘Imperial preference’ and the development of American-Australian news links 1930-1950
Peter Putnis
Hitting the Pickle Barrel from Twenty Thousand Feet: Portrayals of American Strategic Air Power from 1930-2010
Bruce A Williams
Better don’t use them!? Journalists’ autobiographies as a source for German and Austrian media history
Susanne Kinnebrock, Christian Schwarzenegger
German Communication Science in the Epicenter of the Cold War. The Case of Walter Hagemann
Thomas Wiedemann, Michael Meyen, Maria Löblich
Between me and you. History and Historiography of Telecommunications
Gabriele Balbi
Oporto daily newspapers: their editorial policies and the connections with the city and the region
Helena Dias Lima
Media in transition in a society in transition: A historical analysis of the Romanian newspaper "Adevarul" (1990 - 2009)
Constanta Alina Hogea
Panel title: Does journalism have to be defined in terms of democracy?
John Nerone, Barbie Zelizer, Beate Josephi, Silvio Waisbord, Cherian George
Financial Crises in the German Press. A Historical Retrospective.
Juergen Wilke
Anatomy of a Break-up: RCA, General Electric and the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Suit of 1930
Louise M Benjamin
The Paradigm Shift in Taiwan’s Media Research: a historical analysis
Lihyun lihyun
From a stenciled zine to SNSs: Four decades of ethnic Romani media in Hungary
Judit Szakacs
Broadcasting to the Empire: Portugal's Unique Policy - from the 1930s to the outbreak of the colonial wars
Nelson Costa Ribeiro
Empire, Nation and Communication: Telegraph Networks in the Southeastern Borderlands of Europe, 1856-1880
Marsha Siefert
History and development of mass media in Kyrgyzstan
Svetlana Kulikova
‘The Post Emergency Press. The effects of World War II on the Irish news industry’.
James T. O'Donnell
Media coverage of gender issues during the PREC period in Portugal (1975/1976)
Carla Maria Baptista
Pioneers of Journalism in Portugal: The Gazeta as a case in point
Sandra Gonçalves Tuna, Jorge Pedro Sousa
"Reporter power" vs. journalism ethics: Tensions in the local U.S. journalism review movement, 1968-1978
Susan Keith
Exploring the Circular Paper in Late-19th-Century South Korea as a Forerunner of the Modern Newspaper
Kyung Han You, Irkwon Jeong
Postwar Normative Challenges to Anglo-American Journalism: Forgotten Lessons from the Hutchins and British Royal Commissions on Freedom of the Press
Victor Pickard, Matthew Powers
India in the eyes of the American Media: Empire and Nationalism 1930-1931
Chandrika Kaul

International Communication Section

Popular media and politics in Southern Africa
Herman Wasserman
A Comparative Approach for Tourist Websites: Choice of Text, Image and Language
Philippe Viallon, Sandrine Henneke-Lange
Worldwide Media Attention for Climate Change
Mike S. Schäfer
The case of the Amazon rainforest in the context of climate change and global warming: a theoretical outline and transnational media perspective case study in international environmental communication
michael hanke
Construction of International Spectacle in Chinese National and Regional Press
Yue Zheng
War and the Internet Design Process
Sandra Braman
The Rise of China in the Mass Communication Academy: A Meta-Analysis of Research, 2000-2009
Shi Li, Shuo Tang
Press-State Relations: A Comparative Analysis of Euro-Mediterranean, Anglo-Saxon and Nordic models
Raúl Magallón-Rosa, GUADALUPE AGUADO-GUADALUPE, Josep Maria Sanmarti-Roset
The Use of Conflict Death Tolls in the Media: A Help or a Hindrance to Peace?
Virgil Hawkins, Yasmin Jade Hawkins
De-Westernization and cosmopolitan media studies
Silvio Waisbord
Here and there: Mapping the Transnational Social Landscape of a City
Vandana Pednekar-Magal
Re-orienting Istanbul for international journalists: Communication and Connectivity in an emerging global city
Eylem Yanardagoglu
Socio-cultural Analysis of the Commodification of Ethnic Media and Asian Consumers in Canada
Dal Yong Jin, Soochul Kim
Exploring the Communication Needs and Media Access of Southeast Asian Migrant Workers/Immigrants in Taiwan
Chun-Fu Chen
Coverage patterns of Korean media on conflicts between South Korea and North Korea, and their ideological implication: A Semiotic Network and Discursive Structure Analysis on media coverage of the sinking of Cheonan Warship in Korea
Seon Gi Baek, Keum Ar Lee, Sae Rom Yu
The Presidential Election in Iran: A Comparative Analysis of the American and Turkish Press
Banu Akdenizli
India as a ‘soft power’?
Daya Kishan Thussu
Cultural surface synchronization in times of globalisation and its impact on international collaborations: Empirical evidence from megacities of Shanghai and Beijing compared to Berlin and Istanbul
Thomas Herdin
Latin American urban cultural studies. Unique texts, ordinary cities.
Patria Roman-Velazquez, Alejandra Garcia-Vargas
Insu^tv, ‘Assalto al cielo’, and Media Activism in Naples, Italy.
michela ardizzoni
Countries on YouTube: Participation, influence, and information flows
Jin Woo Kim, Yong Tae Hwang, Boram Park
Specialties of Japanese TV Advertising? A Critical Review in an International Perspective
Michael PRIELER, Florian Kohlbacher, Shigeru Hagiwara, Akie Arima
Media Policies as Obstacles for Social Change and Democratization in East Africa
Yusuf Kalyango
Temporal Trends and Regional Variations in Internationalization of Communication
Jonathan J. H. Zhu, Fei Chris Shen
Japanese Media Report on Beijing Olympics 1: Media usage and audience attitudes toward China/the Chinese
Miiko Kodama Nagaoka
Modeling the Future of Foreign Correspondence: Perspectives from Global Cities
Giovanna Dell'Orto
Environmental steps in the long march of world politics: Australian frames of China and foreign policy options
Li Ji, Naren Chitty
Advertising with Fair Trade Seals: Bringing Social Justice Issues into the Ideal World of Consumer Products
Christoph Klimmt, Johanna Patricia Hadler
Regimes, NGOs and the New Media in Southeast Asia
Zaharom Nain
WikiLeaks and press: an analysis from the 2010 leaks
Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Mariana Haubert Freitas, Isabela Botelho Horta
The transnational dimensions of entrepreneurship and communication technologies in a globalized Africa
Seyram Avle
A Content Analysis on Global Brand Advertisements’ Localization Tendency in China
Xiao Fan, Anqi Ren, Haoyuan Chen
Cultural Proximity, Aspiration for Modernity and Program Quality: Choosing Between Local and Transborder TV in Guangzhou, China
Joseph Man Chan, Baohua Zhou
A flash of global joy? A comparative study of the reporting of the Chilean miners' disaster
Julie Uldam, Michael Skey, Patrick McCurdy, Maria Kyriakidou, Niall Brennan
Desiring Hong Kong, Consuming South China: transborder cultural politics 1990s – 2010s
eric kit-wai ma
Burying the Cold War: US Press Reactions to the New START Arms Control Treaty.
Farrel Corcoran
Japanese Media Report on Beijing Olympic 2: Transcript Analysis of Five Television News Programs
Fumihiko Yoshida
Voices that could not be silenced: A study of Blog comments during the pro-democracy uprising in Egypt, 2011.
Peggy Bieber-Roberts
Underdetermined globalization: Media consumption of Chinese audience in the age of file sharing
bingchun meng
Media Policy in Morocco’s Democratic Transition
Bouziane Zaid
Face- and Favor-Communication in a World of Difference: Theorizing Cross-Cultural Public Relations Strategy in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwa
Yi-Hui Christine Huang
“Media and Peacebuilding: The role of local media in post-conflict Nepal”
Luisa Caitlin Ryan
Social Media: Connecting Citizens, Removing Barriers, and Spurring International Activism
Taylor Averill Berry
Media and Citizen Engagement Projects: A Global Overview
Samuel Chege Mwangi
Jerusalén: la ciudad santa en la pluma de los corresponsales de medios españoles.
María Teresa Nicolás
White or Tan? A Cultural Analysis of Skin-related Advertisements Between China and the US
Qinwei Vivi Xie, Meng Zhang
Creating China: Expatriates online and perceptions of 'the other'
David Kurt Herold
Commemorating the Tiananmen as a Public Trauma (I): A Case Study of Two Elite US Press
Charles Chi-Wai Man, Chin-Chuan Lee, Hongtao Li, Francis Lap-fung Lee
African crisis in comparative perspective. A study of Le Monde-El País coverage of Darfur genocide
José Carlos Sendín Gutiérrez
Chinese Attitudes toward Globalization: A "Third-place" Perspective
Zhou He
Connectivity across cultures through social network sites? A study of German, Estonian and Russian Estonian social network site users
Ulrike Rohn
Young People and Cultural Citizenship in Multiethnic Malaysia
Latiffah Pawanteh
How media structures shape tabloidisation: An analysis of Austrian and German newspapers
Birgit Stark, Melanie Magin
THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL: DID NOT WORKED FOR MTV IN BALTICS (Localized MTV television channels in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: a case study)
Liliana Ozolina
Ethics and human rights in international policy on communication and information: a critical view based on Badiou
Veva Leye
The Changing Face of Public Access Use in USA and Portugal
Joseph Dean Straubhaar, Laura Dixon, Cristina Ponte, Jose Azevedo, Dean Graber, Jeremiah Spence
“Sharek and Voice-to-Twitter: When Citizen Journalism Finds its Own Space in a AlJazeera and Google”
Alyazia Kh. AlSuwaidi
The Press in India and China: Internal Challenges
Nikhil Moro, Debashis "Deb" Aikat
Same as it ever was: The ideological continuities of United States policy in Cuba
Katharine Allen
Arguments and discourses: Analysing communication policies on the Global Information Society
Julia Pohle
The ‘MacBride Report’ at 31: the politics of connectivity, creativity and democratization
Richard C. Vincent, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Katharine Sarikakis, Robin Mansell, Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Respondent TBA
Consumer, Ethnic, Queer, Masculine?: Identity Politics and Media in Turkey
Ece Algan
The voice of our children? Stakeholder discourses on child slavery in the chocolate industry
Anne Vestergaard
The Media Map Project: Is Media a Development Issue?
Tara Susman-Pena
Press Coverage of Disasters and National Politics in Chile: Assessing News Coverage of President Sebastián Piñera’s Eventful First Year in Office
Kris Kodrich
Covering the Occupation of Iraq: Evaluating Hegemonic News Model Analyses on CNN & CNN en Español’s Coverage of Fallujah
Andrew Kennis
Internationalising public relations education: student perceptions of a real-client project in Singapore and Australia
Kate Fitch
The 2010 Chilean Earthquake: the limits and possibilities of media technology in a time of natural disaster"
Angharad N. Valdivia

Journalism Research and Education Section

Shifting qualifications in European journalism education
nico drok
The Role of Journals in Journalism Research and Education: An African Perspective
Herman Wasserman
Global Journalism Ethics
Herman Wasserman
Conceptualising Journalism As Research: A Model for Practitioners
Mia Kersti Maria Lindgren, Gail Ann Phillips
Journalists and Their Use of Humor on Twitter: A Study of Uses and Gratifications, Connectivity, and Social Media
Avery E Holton, Seth C Lewis
Global Projects in Social Media and Journalism Education
Susan Jacobson, Karen Turner, Moustafa Ayad, Saman Omer, Jacky Sutton, Ahmud Dler, Stephen Quinn, Rebaz Haji, Obeidullah Hirory
Perceptions of Al Jazeera Arab Satellite News Channel’s image among Yemenis after its news coverage of the Southern Yemenis movement and the Northern Yemenis rebellion
Mustafa Al-Ezzi Naji Al-Harazi
The Global Journalist in the 21 Century: A comparative look at the backgrounds, characteristics, norms and values of journalists around the world
David Weaver, Lars Willnat
Perceptions of news values: A comparative research between China and United States
Qin Guo
“On the Subject of International Journalism at the Century of Digital Revolution”
Andrey Korotkov
Modeling professional autonomy among Chilean Journalists
Claudia Mellado, María Luisa Humanes
How does internet inflence the professional practices of the gatekeepers? Evidence from a national survey of the Romanian journalists
Natalia Vasilendiuc
Journalism and diversity of audience
Verica Rupar
Journalism: the connectivity to public opinion
Mayra Rodrigues Gomes, Nara Lya Simões Caetano Cabral
Responsibility without objectivity: rethinking the goals of journalism in the 21st century
Mark Brewin
The Lacked Voice of Women (A Study on Women Representation on Climate Change in Indonesian Media)
Billy Sarwono, Hendri Yani
Panel Proposal: Expanding Peace Journalism 2: Conceptual and strategic innovaions
Robert Hackett
Comparing Elite and Citizen Assessments of Media Freedom in 112 Countries Using Data from the Gallup World Poll
Cynthia English, Lee Bernard Becker, Tudor Vlad
Organizational Constraints on Curricular Adaptation in U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication Education
Wilson Lowrey, Lee Bernard Becker, Tudor Vlad
How newsrooms manage UGC and what they get out of it – A link between content and editorial context
Annika Sehl
News Filtering: social networks role in the new media ecosystem
João Canavilhas
The impact of the Internet on diversity in newsroom production
Vinzenz Wyss, Annina Stoffel
The Australian Journalist in 2010
Ian Richards, Beate Josephi
Learning to be an online journalist in French Online Newsrooms
Florence Le Cam
Celebrities as journalists: Or, what happens when Angelina tries to teach us about Darfur
Lauren Kogen
The Taiwanese press in the Internet age: Business strategies, revenue models, long tail economy, and their impacts on journalism
Wei-Ching Wang, J. Sonia Huang
The Desired Audience and Audience Desires: Editorial Judgments and Audience Preferences in Online News
Angela M Lee, Matthew J Powers
Who is a Free Journalist? Predicting Perceived Professional Autonomy across 18 countries
zvi reich, Thomas Hanitzsch
Rural Subjects, Media and the South African Public Sphere
Musawenkosi Wiseman Ndlovu
Journalism and the information environment – connecting the global and the local
Howard Tumber
“Textual Tunnel-Hops and Narrative Chutes-and-Ladders”: The HTML Link as an Uncertain Object of Journalistic Evidence
C.W. Anderson
The ‘Bollywoodization’ of the ‘war on terror’
Daya Kishan Thussu
Telling the Greek Story of Europe and the Trap of the Bull (Market): Transatlantic Economic Correspondence and Country Status as News Value Revisited
Julian Jaursch
The Structure of the Online Presences of Wikileaks and The New York Times - A Comparative Assessment
Antonio Jose Rosas
Capital exchange: The normal paths for Chinese newsworkers to pursue their personal interest
liangen yin, Haiyan Wang
The current state of issues related to the coverage of children’s rights in the media, at schools of journalism, and communication in Azerbaijani universities: problems and perspectives
Tarana Mahmudova
Commemorative Journalism: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives. A Comparison of the 60th Anniversary of Germany in Media and Politics in 2009.
Ilona Ammann, Annika Franzetti, André Donk
The Jerusalem correspondents: portrait of a torn professional group in a city in conflict
Jerome Bourdon
Critical Discourse Analysis and media studies: a strategic critique of the BBC and Al Jazeera English
Leon Barkho
The Wikileaks Affair in the German media. An analysis of a discursive indignation.
Marian Adolf, Cornelia Wallner
Interrogating the Mandate of the Botswana Media Complaints and Appeals Committees
Eno Akpabio, Seamogano Mosanako
Covering Immigration in the USA and EU: A Proposal for International Collaborative Research
Giovanna Dell'Orto
Journalism, Risk and the Media: The Case of WikiLeaks in the ‘Risk Society’
Patrick McCurdy
Extra-national Information Flows, Social Media and the 2011 Egyptian and Tunisian Uprisings
Adrienne Russell
Convergence for Better or for Worse? Flemish PSB news department staff’s perceptions of the impact of news room integration on professional journalism and identity
Hilde Van den Bulck, Sil Tambuyzer
Comparing Mobile News Use Among University Students
Xiaoge Xu
The more disclosure, the better for democracy? The Wikileaks revolution and its implications for journalism and democracy
Benedetta Brevini
Help wanted: An overview of the global journalism job market
Martin Hirst
Hacking, sacking and News: What can journalism educators learn from Guthrie v News Limited?
Rhonda Alain Breit, Matthew Ricketson
Online journalism and the promises of new technology. A critical review and look ahead
Steen Steensen
Suria Hani A.Rahman, Mazni Haji Buyong, Nur Kareelawati Abd. Karim
The Structuring of Accountability Journalsim
Martin Eide
From World News to World News Australia: the limited glocalism of Australian journalism
Michael Bromley
‘Global’ journalism within the nation-state.
marina prentoulis
International Media and National Political Crises
Rod Tiffen
Playing to the Familiar When the Local No Longer Connects
Barbie Zelizer
The globalization of professional journalism: bounded rationality and news performance
Silvio Waisbord
An Editorial that Shook the World? How does global solidarity go along with (national) editorial autonomy?
Elisabeth Eide
Savior and villain: “Social media” in news portrayals of protests in Tunisia and Egypt
Hans Ibold
News Diffusion through Twitter- An Emerging Media Ecosystem
Eun-mee Kim, Ju hyun Lee
Mapping Journalistic Concepts and Job Orientations among J-Students in China
Ke Guo, Peiqin Chen, Ying Wu
Expertise on Air. Relevance and Functions of Expert Sources in the News Media.
Daniel Noelleke
Looking out is looking in: How their news coverage of the Haiti earthquake reflects the fabric of the nation-states of South Africa, Lebanon, and Hong Kong
Felicity Duncan
Professional Challenges for Ethnic Media Journalists
Matthew D Matsaganis, Vikki S Katz
Mediating rights of the child: The Child Rights Syllabus and journalism education in Turkey
Hakan Ergül
Exploring Participatory Journalism Tools in the Mediterranean Countries
Jaume Suau Martínez
Child Rights and the Media Training Syllabus and Course
Regina De Dominicis
From Netizens to FaceBookians. The Tunisian Facebook users empowered by social media for social change.
Ilhem Allagui
Technological change and ethics: Alerting students to the potential costs of real-time Journalism
Stephen John Tanner, Kerry Philip Green
Classroom as City: Educating the New Journalist
Carla Patrão, António Dias Figueiredo
Good practices’ Decalogue of media on Twitter
Alejandro Barranquero Carretero, Susana Herrera Damas
Journalism and regional public sphere: the Portuguese regional press in small and medium-sized cities
João Carlos Correia
The “Climate change certainty” discourse in the Belgian media: between science reporting and journalistic ideology?
Antigoni Vokou
Trends and Forecasts for Journalism in Brazil
Cláudia Lago
City-slickers II: how urban journalism students define themselves and their readers travelling in city and countryside
Andrew Duffy
La apología de la violencia y el narcotráfico en los telediarios mexicanos
Alma Elena Gutierrez, Moises Torres
Ethiopian Dialogue: Merging Theory and Praxis in Journalism Training
Michael Lee Kent, Maureen Taylor
A Muslim in the European Club? : News Framing of Turkey’s EU Membership
Nur Uysal, Katerina Tsetsura
Partner Cities in the Press: A Case Study of Pan Pearl River Delta in China
Jiajie Lu
Journalism Education in South Asia – A critical assessment of its Opportunities and Challenges
Arul Selvan
Journalism educations and child rights: exploring a new model of collaboration in rights-based journalism education
Brian O'Neill, Michael Foley
Fast and connected: emergence of the individualist knowledge in newsrooms after recession
Kaarina Nikunen
A window on a world of changing spaces? A multi-national study of the perceptions of foreign news on television
Thilo von Pape, Thorsten Quandt, Akiba Cohen, Joseph Chan, Thomas Hanitzsch, Jacques Wainberg, David Weaver, Lars Willnat
Multidimensional model of conflict of interest: a starting point for reconceptualization the functions of journalist’s community.
Halliki Harro-Loit
Locating children-rights in syllabus: Journalism education and pedagogical challenges in Turkey
Incilay Cangoz, Hakan Ergül, Mine Gencel Bek
Investigating Reality? – Critical Realism as Philosophical Framework for Analyzing Potential Meaning of Texts within the Field of Investigative TV-journalism
John Magnus Danielson
Journalism and regional public sphere: the Portuguese regional press in small and medium-sized cities
João Carlos Correia
Conducting Journalism Programs in Migratory Hot Spots
Richard J. Schaefer
Deciding what’s debate. Journalists’ professional assessments of contribution’s values for public debate.
Malou Willemars
Participatory Journalism in the East and the West: A Comparative Study of the Performance of Online News Media
Alice Y. L. Lee
Industry placements in journalism education: Key factors which may determine enhanced learning and professional growth for interns
Michael Meadows, Susan Forde
Half- way between newsroom and classroom: the human resource development strategy for journalism in Bangladesh
Mohammad Sahid Ullah
Cultural convergence in an educational digital production
Marta Pérez Pereiro
10 YEARS OF University WebTVs: Developing and researching Internet TV as a new interactive online TV and as a resourceful digital teaching tool for journalism education in Brazil.
Antonio Claudio Brasil
Job Satisfaction of Journalists: Personal Aspirations, Newsroom Culture and Social Context
Hao Xiaoming, Cherian George, Shi Kristy Cong
Peace Journalism in news coverage on international conflicts – A comparison of journalistic depiction and recipients’ perceptions using the example of the Congo crisis
Marion Rahnke, Karin Stengel, Ines Vogel, Michaela Maier
Changes in Media, Changes in Practice? – The Shifts of the Journalistic Field as a Challenge to Journalism Research
Roman Hummel, Susanne Kirchhoff, Dimitri Prandner
Human Rights Education in Journalism Curriculum: Construction of Human Rights Culture
H. Esra Arcan
Still Something Special? A Comparative Study of Public Service Journalists’ Values in Spain and Sweden
Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Lars Nord
Developing Media Literacy by teaching citizens the standards of professional journalism
Irina Negreyeva, Revati Prasad
Tweeting #South Africa during the 2010 Fifa World Cup: A country image study
Arnold S de Beer, Wadim N Schreiner, Nick de Vos
Peace in the Public Sphere: The Nobel Peace Prize and Liu Xiaobo
Stephen Rendahl
Journalism Education and Bologna Process in Central Asia: a case of Uzbekistan
Bakhitbay Nurlibaevich Paluanov, Marjangul Amanbaevna Allaniyazova
A plural identity? Considerations on news vehicles´identity from an empirical research
Bruno Souza Leal
Media Agenda Trends at the Spanish Front-page: A Longitudinal Analysis about Issues, Actors and Informative Spaces
The statute of citizens co-production in journalism
Manuel Pinto
Editorials, reporter’s privilege, and public perception—a qualitative look on how to better educate student, baby-boomer, and senior populations on American shield law
Sandra Lynn Mardenfeld
Teaching Journalism in a small city
Halia Costa Santos
Visual framing, news reporting and national identity
Ilija Tomanic Trivundza
The status of Journalism education on a changing Brazilian environment
Sonia Virginia Moreira
The modernization of Portuguese journalism after the 1974 revolution: a comparison of professional practices, routines and values during the PREC (1975/76) and the eighties
Carla Maria Baptista
Measuring Media Development: Roles for Media Development Organizations, Researchers and Educators
maureen taylor, susan abbott
Missed Connections: Why is there no News about Your Neighbor?
Leon Norman Morse
Manejo de la Tragedia en Medios Impresos, Análisis de Contenido de tres casos
Myrna Guadalupe Martinez Ruiz
From Free Software to Fact-Checking: A Genealogy of Annotative Journalism
Lucas Graves
Cosmopolitanism and Global Media Identity:A Critical Discourse Analysis of CNN and BBC’s Coverage of Xinjiang July 5 Riot
Dong Leshuo
News coverage of Iraqi War Protests in the United States and Great Britain
Richard C. Vincent
Facebook or Al-Jazeera Effect: Who Brought Mubarak Down?
Abeer Najjar
Media and Journalism as forms of knowledge: a methodology for critical reading of the journalistic audiovisual narratives
Beatriz Becker

Law Section

Law, Gender and the Media in the Ethiopian Context
Bamlaku Tadesse Mengistu
The Regulation of Digital Television Distribution: The Influence of Media and Infrastructure Owners on Policy-Making in Switzerland
Corinne Schweizer, Manuel Puppis
Copyright's ideology: commodities, producers, and neoliberalism
Peter Jakobsson
Eduardo Bertoni
Copyright and creative commons in Russia and privatization legacy
Ivan I Zassoursky
Title: Amendment of Press freedom law in Bangladesh
Monowara Moni Begum
The impact of the Internet on the UNESCO Convention 2003: Only a media for the safeguarding of traditional intangible cultural heritage or an important source of virtual cultural heritage in future?
Alice Halsdorfer
Creating Creativity – the questionable role of copyright
Meera Nair
International Copyright, Access to Knowledge, and Smaller Countries: A History
Sara Bannerman
From FoI to RTI: Mapping the essential literacies
Rhonda Alain Breit, Rick Snell
The globalization of media and media control systems for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe - the main legal issues
Katarzyna Konarska, Arkadiusz Lewicki
Genre Theory and Reality TV Format Protection
susan murray
The welfare of children and open justice: the attempts to increase media coverage of the United Kingdom’s family courts
Mark Hanna
Tensions between the Government and the Governed in Exercising Communications Rights in Malaysia: Recognising Duties together with Rights
Farid Sufian Shuaib
The French Exception, American Exceptionalism, Governmental Policy and Technological Innovation: The Case of the Minitel and the Internet.
Lyombe Eko
The “Uncommunicative City”: Communication Rights and Wrongs
Susan J. Drucker, Gary Gumpert
Unintended Consequences: Regulating Urban Communication
Susan J. Drucker
Rights to the City and the Right to Not Communicate
Gary Gumpert
Negotiating the P2P City: Communication Rights, Open Networks, and Legal Enclosures
Alison Powell
Captive audience protections for the digital environment
Mihaela Popescu, Lemi Baruh
The State of the Law: Developments in Communication Law around the World
Sandra Braman
Pivoring around WikiLeaks: Law, Society, Politics
Sandra Braman, Jo Pierson
Malaysian Bill of Guarantee of No Censorship of the Internet
Mohd Safar Hasim
The Collective Right to Reply in Brazil
Brisa Ferrão
Collective Moral Damages to Image and the Fund for Defense of Collective Rights
Brisa Ferrão
Freedom of Information Laws A Comparative Study: Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States
Katharine Allen
Estado actual del marco regulatorio para el uso de Internet en Cuba
Rainer Rubira García
WikiLeaks, Citizen Journalism Sites, and Rule of Law
Nikhil Moro, Debashis "Deb" Aikat
Uncivil Liberties: How the Fight for Civil Liberties on the Internet in
Ang Peng Hwa
Policy stimulus fostering audiovisual creativity: too much and still not enough
Paola Savini
A case study on a local and state e-initiative to create a direct and transparent way for citizens to access information.
Anne Fairchild Peacock
Nigeria’s Tortuous Route to Transparency: An examination of the legislative history of Nigeria’s contentious Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Abubakar D Alhassan
Independent and accountable regulatory authorities: who’s watching the watchdog?
David Johan Stevens

Media and Sport Section

News Texts and Internet Users: Critical Analysis of Talkbacks as a Virtual Meeting Point between Football, Politics and Identity in Israel
Alina Bernstein, Lea Mandelzis
Representations on sexuality of female sports stars in TV advertisement and their cultural and ideological implications: A Semiotic analysis on TV advertisements of two Korean female sports stars
Seon Gi Baek, Don Son, Hani Lee
The Bejing Olympics opening ceremonies and one after-story: Taiji as spectacle
Ivy Glennon
Top Sponsors of the Champion League Clubs: betting houses, new technologies and the rise of the none-profit sponsorship
Xavier Ginesta
What can Media and Journalism Studies contribute to the understanding of culture and identity among fans of football?
Roy Krøvel
Battlefield Sport: Female Sports Journalists in Israel
Alina Bernstein, Ilan Tamir
City and Nation Branding Through the Olympic Games
Roy Panagiotopoulou
Jeux Sans Frontières?: The reformulation and erosion of national categories in European club football competition
Cornel Sandvoss
The invention of the "soccer country": World Cups, sports journalism and national identity
Ronaldo George Helal
Framing the Football Fan as Consumer: A Content Analysis of the Coverage of Supporters in The Star During the 2010 World Cup
Rune Ottosen, Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Toby Miller
“Get out of our club, you lying b*stards, get out of our club”: a study of fans, football and ownership in England
Deirdre Hynes, Kate Themen
Sport, Branding, “Diplomacying” and Tourism: The Case of Qatar, UAE and Bahrain
mohammed IBAHRINE
What is sport?
José Carlos Marques
Tradition and cosmopolitanism in the city of Cuiabá: Arguments for the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil
Yuji Gushiken, Celso Francisco Gayoso
Sports communication & disability. Media framing and effects on recipients’ perception and evaluation of persons with disability
Christian von Sikorski, Thomas Schierl
Fútbol, discurso y memoria: el Santos FC (1927-2002) en periódicos de Brasil.
Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Laurindo Leal Filho
The world in one city? Identity, memory and cultural industries in Liverpool and Cork
Battling for belonging: How supporter identities are created in the mediation of an Oslo derby
Harald Hornmoen
E-sport: the social construction of gaming space
Janina Maric
International Media Objectification of Africa’s Olympic Athletes
Yusuf Kalyango
Media framing and the life of a sports celebrity: a case study of Ronaldo’s performance on the 1998 World Cup Final
Paula Guimarães Simões
Social media sports?
Riikka Turtiainen
Apartheid and Absence: The sports boycott and South African national identity
Martha Jane EVANs
FOOTBALL AND REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: the role of online communication platforms
Paulo Salgado, Teresa Ruão
The effect of 2010 FIFA World Cup on the image of participating countries: Before-after comparison of country images mediated by media
Byeng-Hee Chang, Yang-Hwan Lee, Sung-Chul Ihm, Sang-hyun Nam
Dual Durability of Attitude – Comparing Functional and Emotional Perceptions towards China before and after the Beijing Olympics 2008 in Hong Kong.
Annisa Lai Lee
Hosting the games, branding the city: Beijing Olympics as a case study of global communication
PAPA Françoise
A narrative perspective on the press coverage of Tiger Woods: Temporary fall from grace of the hero or a trickster forever?
Tim Hoebeke, Annelore Deprez, Karin Raeymaeckers
Influence of Print Media Coverage on Mega Sporting Events in India: Understanding media functions and uses w.r.t. Common Wealth Games 2010, Delhi,India
Kulveen Trehan

Media Education Research Section

Critical Literacy, Media Education and Young People: A Theoretical and Methodological Discussion
Emek Çaylı
Quantitative and qualitative study about Media Literacy in the Basque School Community
Txema Ramirez de la Piscina, Jose Inazio Basterretxea, Estefania Jimenez, Juan Vicente Idoyaga, Amaia Andrieu
Reimagining the digital native: Mexican children define connectivity, identity and creativity
Joy Y. Pierce
Interconnecting Media Literacy, Social Networking, and the Web 2.0 Environment
Belinha De Abreu
Connectivity and creativity, a pedagogical approach
Mayra Rodrigues Gomes, Rosana de Lima Soares
New Challenges for Children’s Media Literacy: Exploring the Case of In-Game-Advertising
Alexandra Sowka, Christoph Klimmt, Gregor Daschmann
Developing Global Competency in Teacher Education Programs using Media Literacy Skills
Melda N Yildiz
Education, media and community
Raquel Paiva Soares, Muniz Sodre Araújo Cabral
Creative and cultural industries: pedagogical experience with Portuguese physical education students
Cinthia Lopes da Silva
Sports and media: education for leisure
Cinthia Lopes da Silva, Milena Avelaneda Origuela
Media Literacy in Kindergartens/pre-schools. The Case of Germany
Helmut Scherer, Schneider Beate
Do current media developments ask for new literacies? The case of social network sites
Sascha Trueltzsch, Christine W. Wijnen
Media literacy education in South Africa
Ibrahim Saleh
Neoliberalism, Creative Cities and Urban Youth Media Production Ecologies in Canada
Stuart R Poyntz
Cultures of Cyberspace: A Pedagogic Framework
Payal Arora
Webnovelas on the screen: reception, cultural production and media education with children
Maria Isabel Orofino
Problems and Prospects for the Media Literacy Education: Turkish Case
Tugba Asrak Hasdemir
Promotion of the creative learning in the kindergarten with Scratch programming
Ana Patrícia Oliveira, Maria Conceição Lopes
Using PBL as Teaching Strategy in Media Literacy Education
Cheng-yu LIN, Tung-hsiao Huang
Defining Media Literacy in Indonesia
Hendri Yani, boby Guntarto
Bridging frontiers or back to the drawing board? Developing e-learning tools for cultural heritage and media education
Lien Mostmans
New Media Literacy and Uses and Gratifications: Bringing Identity to Light
Hans Ibold
Generation Txt and its new literacy: When digital language reaches the academic arena.
M. Eugenia González-Alafita, Celina Denise Moncivais-Carrillo
Towards a new concept of formation in education
Anne Mette Winneche Nielsen
Teacher’s media literacy’s influence on media education as cross-curricular theme
Kadri Ugur
Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture and Policy Literacy
leslie regan shade
Social networks and personal responsibility: Facebook and the risks of sharing information
M. Eugenia González-Alafita
A Study of the influence of Animation Incorporating Visual Art Instruction on the Lower Grade in the Elementary School Students’Creativity
Yuh-Shihng Chang
Teaching Media Literacy through Laptop Computers and i-Pads
Alice Y. L. Lee
Media education and the public policy agendas: the Portuguese case
Manuel Pinto, Sara Pereira, Luís Pereira, Tiago Ferreira
Exploring transliteracy development in one-to-one computing classes: a case study
Francesca Scenini, Andrea Mangiatordi
Open to interpretation? Participatory discourses, productive practices and learner engagement in Open Educational Resources
Panagiota Alevizou
De las guerrillas comunicacionales a la Educomunicación. Mapeo de experiencias venezolanas
Morella Alvarado Miquilena
Children and critical media literacy. Research on children critical thinking and online risks.
Cristina Pulido, Claudia Calva, Isamelia Carvalho
Parents’ Strategies of Mediating Children’s Internet Use: Exploring Challenges for Media Education in Families
Nadine Karbach, Christoph Klimmt
Generation of accessible virtual learning environments in adult basic education
Mari Ángeles Serrano, Laura López, Beatríz Villarejo
Resources for media literacy: mediating the research about children and media
Sara Pereira, Luís Pereira, Manuel Pinto
Critical understanding indicators of Media Literacy for individuals
Juan Francisco Martínez Cerdá, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Oralia Paredes
Media Literacy: Evolution of European data 2005-2010
Juan Francisco Martínez Cerdá, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Oralia Paredes
Communication logics at adult’s literacy process on rural contexts
Gabriel Alejandro Medina, Miriam Herrera
A Study on Art Education and Creativity in the New Media: Anapod Applications as Podcasting
Alper Altunay, Nezih Orhon

Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Section

The fight for the control of the traumatic Brazilian memory
Jacques Alkalai Wainberg
Mobility, Mediation, Communication: The Mobile Phone as the Space and Place for New Communication Practices
Inês Teixeira Botelho, Patrícia Dias
A cognitive approach to audience's online frames: ---- The value-based framing and reframing of 2010 Shanghai World Expo
Shuo Zhou
Towards a multi-cultural identity or multi-identities? The Chinese Other in French and Greek Newspapers
The social nature of user accounts – a spiral of silence approach to the Wikipedia community
Thomas Roessing
Chinese Internet Events: A Living Construction of History
Yuan YUE
Gypsies: The People of Another World
Ozlem Bayraktar
Novel through Internet: a new reading of hypertext
Lourdes Parra Lazcano
That’s so gay: (Meta-) homophobic humor and support for gay rights
Katie Brown, Diana Betz
Effects of Self-Motivation, Peer Influence and Celebrities Endorsement on Microblog Uses and Advertising Persuasion
Middle Class environmentalism: Indian media and activism
Somnath Batabyal
Mediated communication and construction of identities: a theoretical approach.
Salomé Sola Morales
Knowledge Society, Media Society and Democratic Action: The Case of Responsiveness
Marian Adolf, Kathrin Baumann, Markus Rhomberg
Communicating Turkish-Islamic Identity in the Aftermath of Gaza Flotilla Raid: But Who is the “Us” in the “Us” vs. “Them”?
Lemi Baruh, Mihaela Popescu
The professional of citizen journalist in the electronic interaction
azza osman abdelaziz
Editing, commenting, sharing: News factors in Blog communication
Helmut Scherer, Dorothee Hefner, Tilman Weisgerber
Climate change movies – why are they appealing?
Ines Crespo, Angela Guimaraes Pereira
The Answers of the Silent. Factors Influencing the Willingness to Participate in Telephone Surveys.
Anna Katharina Schnauber, Gregor Daschmann
Social media and Forums: a citizen’s means of empowerment
Philippe Viallon, Sandrine Henneke-Lange, Yeny Serrano
Japan isn’t Australia: Comparing whaling articles by a content analysis
Tets Kimura
Cosmopolis, or Internet as the triumph of urbanism
Ivan I Zassoursky
Academic succes, interpersonal competence and preference for online versus offline social interaction
Alina Duduciuc, Ilarion Tiu, Alexandru Zodieru
Why the family matters on how students learn technology: Implications for e-learning research and pedagogy
Fernando de la Cruz Paragas
A study of the innovation resistance of political related e-mails
Alice, YahHuei Hong, Roland Chang
Evaluating Social Media Contents Quality in Public Relations: An Exploratory Study in South Korea
Yunna Rhee, Vicky Moon, Gun-Hee Park, Jung-Yun Won
Branding the City through Culture: European Capitals of Culture 2010 Pécs, Ruhr & Istanbul
Ayşe Banu Bıçakçı
Awareness, education and elaboration. Further insights into intervening variables in the cultivation process.
Christine E. Meltzer
How young adults experience the EU through media
Christina Ortner
Internet Use for Interpersonal Communication: The Influence of Individual Differences on Social and Psychological Well-being
Vikanda - Pornsakulvanich
Multicultural societies: The formation of sociability territories
Cibele Mariano Vaz de Macêdo, Regina Gloria Nunes Andrade
Liquid Citizenship: Civic Engagement in the Era of Convergence
Zizi Papacharissi
The use of student convenience samples in communication research as a problem of internal validity. Effects of experience and knowledge of the research purpose on motivational states and answering behavior
Christine E. Meltzer, Thorsten Naab, Gregor Daschmann
“The Social Technique of Information. Since 1947, the Italian way to Communication”
Giuseppe Ragnetti
Francesco Fattorello, the forerunner of “Marketing Oriented” The social technique is the theoretical foundation of market-oriented production processes.
Alessandra Romano
Arab-Israeli Coffeehouses: Media, Public Sphere and Third Space
I am not a Muslim, I am a Human Rights Worker! Uses of internet and political change in Zanzibar.
Thembi Mutch
Israeli Soldier’s Mythic Image: Between Heroism and Trauma
Urban transformations and the importance of public spaces and urban places
Gabriella Sandstig
Société, Web 2.0 et Opinion Publique : le revers de la médaille
Olga Marlyse Mbiock Lodombé
Media, Gender and Political Participation: Mexican Women in the U.S.
Andrea Elizabeth Hickerson
What does YouTube say about makeover? A content analysis of cosmetic surgery videos on YouTube and viewers' responses
Nainan Wen, Stella Chia, Xiaoming Hao
Growing but Losing Money -- Online Newspapers on a Bumpy Road to Replace the Print Press
Zhou He
Facebook bullying: An extension of the battles in school and home
Grace Kwan
Examining the Impact of News Attention and Education On Political Tolerance in Hong Kong
Stephanie Jean Tsang, Francis L. F. Lee
Soft Power and Hard Reality: Shanghai Expo and China’s National Images
Tsan-Kuo Chang, Bruce Garrison, Ke Guo, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Debao Xiang, Junfang Zhang, Ni Chen
MisLeading SA
Taryn Jeanie Mackay
Who are “we” and according to whom?
Tutku Akter
The Media: A Social Institution Doomed to Suffer from Manufactured Reality,
Ali Murat Vural
#FollowerPower! Sharing Know-How in Online Networked Publics
Brigitte Huber, Axel Maireder
Family mediation of youth news diet and media production
Maria José Brites
Cities, Creativity and Connectivity through ‘One book, One City’ Events:
Chia Sui Crystal Sun
Sharing the News through Social Media
Axel Maireder
The walls of the political city: Mediatised Public Memory and the Symbolic Construction of Conflict in the Italian Student Movement
Lorenzo Zamponi
How to explain the mediatized dissemination of scientific knowledge? A theoretical concept based on empirical findings referring to the climate change topic.
Irene Neverla, Judith Lohner, Corinna Luethje
New devices and agenda-setting: an analysis of subjective processes journalistics in twitter
Cicélia Pincer Batista, Paulo Rodrigo Ranieri
The Construction of the image of the Drug traffickers from the perspective of University students
Manuel Yañez Fernandez
Ece Karadogan Doruk, Duygu Cavdar, Meryem Okumus, Elif Yilmaz, Ozgur Kolay
Media experts in a mediatized world: from information to image?
Johanna E. Möller, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw
Mediatization and Visual Culture
Friedrich Lothar Krotz
Suggestive Transference in Communicative Influence on Public Opinion
Konstantin Onishchouk
Net activism the new aspect of public opinion en digital contexts
Massimo Di Felice
Locativeness’ implications and the citizenship experience
Dimitra Milioni, Vaia Doudaki, Angeliki Gazi, Stelios Stylianou, Nicolas Tsapatsoulis
The media discourse and the metaphor of the crisis in the global financial system
Juliana Mello Souza
Jose Azevedo
Digital Cities in the making
Asne Kvale Handlykken
Richness of Interruption messages - take you're time?
Eilat Chen Levy, Sheizaf Rafaeli, Yaron Ariel
Frame analysis of rebellion in Tunisia and Egypt
“Onwards and Upwards” : The English Defense League in Old and New Media.
Jen Paton
Islam, Media and September 11
Gamze Onut
The contribution of television serial to public debate around social issues
Lorena Gómez Puertas

Participatory Communication Research Section

Are We Being Sold?: Reality TV, Religion, and Participatory Culture in Malaysia
Nur Kareelawati Abd.Karim
Interactivity in the Latin American digital newspapers
Claudia Alicia Lerma, Tania Lucia Cobos
Digital Fusion: Connecting a community through digital literacy skills that matter
Joy Y. Pierce
Dr. M. Abul Kashem
Who is Responsible? Liberty Mutual’s Construction of a Faux Public Sphere
Sheena Raja
The state of participation in online Spanish news media
Pilar Carrera, Clara Sainz de Baranda Andujar, Nieves Limón Serrano
The Social Environment of Stakeohlder Consultation:A new advance in qualitative research methodology
Judy Burnside-Lawry, Thomas Jacobson
Public Sector Software, Participatory Communications & Social Change
Pradip Thomas
Citizenship and sense of agency by the influence of radio in rural Nepal
Jacob Thorsen
What if Bourdieu had played FarmVille? Examining users’ motives to play the social game FarmVille in consideration of socio demographic variables
Nina Haferkamp
Civic participation in urban space: The case of asylum seekers and refugees in three cities
Saskia Witteborn
They Still Matter! The Importance of Print and Analog Media for Youth Civic Participation in the Digital Age
Leonardo Custódio
It’s all in the game – communicating the consequences of change through simulation
Elske van de Fliert, Amanda Lugg
Shaping news together: interactive synergies between news producers and (new)s consumers. The case of the Greek financial crisis as portrayed in the German press
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Hello Sunday Morning: young Australians who blog about alcohol consumption
Nicholas Carah
Cacophony, narrative, revolution
Tapas Ray
Participation and deliberativeness: readers’ comments on the Brazilian presidential election as a case study.
Marisa Torres da Silva
Mediating through Web 2.0-Imperatives of an End User Perspectives of Websites of Universities of North East of India
CSHN Murthy
Is online space engaging or disengaging for elections’ debate?
Ingus Berzins
Perspectives on Participatory Video: Does it drive women’s agencies?
Namita Singh
Participation as policy: Youth filmmaking and New Labour rhetorics of ‘voice’ in the UK
Alicia Lorna Blum-Ross
Downstream: the unanticipated effects of the Internet and ICT use
Declan Tuite
Negative Form of Participatory Culture! Hate Speech on Facebook-Turkey
F. Mutlu Binark, Eser Aygül, Tuğrul Çomu
Political Economy of Participatory Communication: When Corporations Become Involved in Strategic Social Change: Critical Perspectives
Karin Wilkins, Flor Enghel, Paula Chakravartty, Patrick Murphy, Lisa Richey
Corporate Constraints to Participatory Communication: the role and implications of Brand Aid
Karin Wilkins, Lisa Richey, Flor Enghel, Pradip Thomas, Miya Christensen
Portales institucionales de internet y la participación ciudadana en la provincia mexicana.
Salvador De Leon, Norma Medina, Rebeca Padilla
nrwision: A television model of the future? How a new and unique participatory television channel in Germany complements the media landscape
Annika Sehl, Michael Steinbrecher
The “activist imaginary”: Appropriation of global media, culture and technology
Vanessa Vertiz Larrea
Communicating “sustainability”: A discursive analysis of Monsanto’s corporate mediascape
Patrick D Murphy
Appreciative Inquiry and Communication for Development: Assessment and Applicability
Sujatha Sosale
The World Congress on Communication for Development: “a worldwide conversation” gone missing
Florencia Enghel
Relevance of Stories: Stories of Relevance “Stories of Change for Evaluating Programmes: Mapping the Impact of Community Radio using the Most Significant Change (MSC) Technique”
Archna Kumar, Mridula Seth
Using participatory communication to betray consumers: An analysis of on-line communicative mechanics used by Whole Foods to (dis)engage costumers on sustainable issues
Ginevra Adamoli
Participatory Video and Empowerment: The role of Participatory Video in enhancing the political capability of grass-roots communities in participatory development
Anna Colom
Panel: Digital Life in the Middle East
Kristina Riegert
LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DEL DESARROLLO DESDE LA GESTIÓN DE CONFLICTOS Posibilidades para repensar la radio comunitaria en Cundinamarca
Luis Carlos Rodríguez Páez, César Augusto Rocha Torres, Yulieth Aldana Orozco
Translating the media ownership debate in the United States: The work of the Federal Communications Commission and civil society groups
Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Komuniti Tok Piksa*: indigenizing visual research for participatory communication
Evangelia Papoutsaki
Creatively connecting cities for climate change: A case study of Earth Hour
Marianne D Sison
La conexión freiriana: el valor estratégico de la participación ciudadana en las nuevas formulaciones de la Comunicación para el Desarrollo.
Víctor Marí
Analysing communication functions for effective stakeholder engagement: knowing what, how and why
Oleg Nicetic, Elske van de Fliert
«Who would like to talk?» Citizens’ participation in public opinion programs: the case of Banda Ampla, from the public Catalonian television TV3
Fábio Fonseca Ribeiro, Maria Madalena Costa Oliveira
Evolving Rural Radio in Liberia: Challenges and Opportunities for Participatory Empowerment
maureen taylor, Michael Kent
Re-articulating Mexican Indigeneity through Radio
Sonia De La Cruz
Planning for communicative participation – the case of Thusong Centres in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Simon Burton
Two camps in one: Communication contradictions in a refugee camp
Ullamaija Kivikuru
Peculiar aspects of communication in Mariana
Juçara Gorski Brittes, Lorena Rubia Pereira Caminhas, Lorena Rubia Pereira Caminhas, Mayara Oliveira da Silva Gouvea, Mayara Oliveira da Silva Gouvea
Nekane Requejo de Ozamiz
Why Do Bloggers Behave Journalistically in the Blogosphere? Bloggers' Journalistic Communication Behavior Model
Nohil Park, JiYeon Jeong
Communication for peace building. Practice and approaches of the NGO sector
Ana Fernández Viso
prácticas comunicativas, estrategias de participación e identidades políticas en los procesos de comunicación ciudadana en Colombia
Jair Vega, Camilo Perez Quintero, Sandra Benitez Diosa, Melissa M Brough
Music, digital transport and Gulf Arab society
Ramez Maluf
Current Approaches Towards Meaningful Participation
Jo Tacchi, Ailish Byrne, Marianne Sison, Norbert Widermuth
Activists, Individualists or Comics? Counter-public Spheres in Lebanon and Egypt
Kristina Maj Riegert, Gail Ramsay
Digital Iran: (Trans)National imaginary and the politics of everyday media
Mehdi Semati
Transnational Communicative Sociality between Mobility and Fixity: The Case of the Turkish Migrants
Miyase Christiansen
Arab Music Videos: Contention and Circulation in the New Media Environment
Marwan Kraidy
Participatory Communication - Towards Evolving theory through Practice of Evaluation
Venu Arora
Towards a rudimentary theory of participation and citizenship in the information society – gendered reflections from the CITIGEN programme
Anita Gurumurthy, Chloe Zollman, Arpita Joshi, Parminder Jeet Singh
Protest Movements and the Social Web. Ways of Participation and Discourse Quality of the 2009 Viennese Student Protest Movement „unibrennt“ on Facebook.
Cornelia Brantner, Irmgard Wetzstein
Comparing on-line interactions: the nature of social capital in virtual and face-to-face communities.
Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques
Participation and Audiovisual Narratives in the Multimedia Magazine Viva Favela
Leonardo Moraes Menezes
The power of new media in Iran
shahriar khonsari
Icaro Ferraz Vidal Junior
In no man’s land, we find our people The value of participatory communication for migrants
Ramakrishnan Nagarajan
Conceptualizing UGC in the context of Participatory Journalism
Edith Manosevitch, Yaron Ariel
Of ‘radio champions’ and ‘data miners’: a critical approach to the impact of new media on listener participation in Zambia
Wendy Willems
Stimulating pro-active behavior through e-Consultation tools
Memoria y la mirada del otro
Laura Ximena Triana
Participatory TV as a mechanism of citizenship participation: The experience of local TV in Catalonia.
Matilde Delgado, Emili Prado, Laura Aymerich-Franch, Luisa Martinez
Arm-chair warriors and online campaigning? The case of the World Development Movement
Julie Uldam
Apropiación tecnológica y participación ciudadana en la red de telecentros de Andalucía
Francisco Javier Moreno, Alicia Reigada
Setting the Agenda on the Democratisation of Media: The Role of a Media Organisation in Participatory Journalism
Ulla Rannikko
The empowerment dynamics of e-government: evidence from EU 27
Roxana Georgiana Radu
Brazilian Media and the Underprivileged: Faces on screens, stories on pages, voices on airwaves, but real hope in the horizon?
Andrea Meyer Medrado, Ana Carolina Escosteguy
The ‘Clean Sheet’ Campaign: New technologies and participatory communication in Brazil
Edson Fernando Dalmonte, Thiago Guimarães
Connecting Communities: Local News Media and Deliberative Democracy
John Steel
The Role of Contemporary Media in Political Transitions: Searching for a new Paradigm
Katharine Allen
Alejandro Barranquero
Brave New Films: Designing Documentaries for Instant Impact
Laura Dixon
Proactive participation in the interrogation of society and history Reflections on fiction and truth in the transition processes of South Africa and Argentina.
Oscar Hemer
La fotografía participativa en la construcción de ciudadanías por parte de niñas y niños en Altos de Cazucá, Colombia
Edwin Alfredo Cubillos Rodriguez
Popular music as participatory communication: The Chilean New Song Movement 1960-2011
Nancy Morris
Participación social y políticas de comunicación: experiencias innovadoras
Gabriel Kaplún
Democracy, Participation and Deliberation: the Internet's potential and deliberation online
Ricardo Morais
The “Enviroment” into the institutional/official web sites communication of some cities in the European and Mediterranean areas as a possible element of human change and an enlargement of the participatory democracy into the cities of the XXI century.
Elisabeth Donatello, Marina Mantini, Vanesa Sais Echezarreta
An Ethnographic and Econometric Analysis of the Egyptian ‘Social Media Revolution’
Jacob Groshek
Fostering Collaborative Communities: Role of Knowledge Agents in Wiki-Based Corporate Communication and Learning
Subhashis Aikat, Debashis Aikat
Participatory Mixed Methods Curriculum Design for the ASEAN Institute on Disability and Public Policy
Derrick L. Cogburn, Taria Thomas, Nanette Levinson, Consuelo Nelson
Examining community aspects of ICT in education initiatives: Case of the One Laptop per Child laptops in Indian schools
Komathi Ale, Arul Chib
El sentido de la participación desde las experiencias de comunicación, desarrollo y medioambiente en la región Andina de Colombia
Eliana Herrera Huérfano

Political Communication Research Section

Do we still serve democracy?
Evert van Voorst
Mapping the e-research in Political Communication
Rosanna De Rosa, Tommaso Ederoclite, Valentina Reda
Usage of the Internet as a Communication Medium by Human Rights Organizations in Egypt
khayrat M Ayyad
Microblogging meets politics. The influence of communication in 140 characters on 2009 Romanian presidential election
Dorina Gutu, Carmen Holotescu, Gabriela Grosseck, Ramona Bran
Title: Media as Tool of Democratisation: Promoting Free Media in Post Conflict Society (theoretical framework)
Nidzara Ahmetasevic
Exploring Democratic Deepening in India: The Role of Media and Vernacularization
Taberez Ahmed Neyazi
Narrating conflict in Palestine and Lebanon: Images, discourses and practices
Dina Matar
Proposals by two generations of voters about the televised electoral debates in Mexico
Rebeca Domínguez Cortina
Wiki Leaks and Mega Plumbing Issues – Unresolved Dilemmas Revisited
Rod Tiffen
Covering Terrorism: Examining Social Responsibility in South Asian Journalism
Pradeep Nishantha Weerasinghe, Shakuntala Rao
Political participation and web 2.0: case study of Facebook and the European elections 2009
Lucia Vesnic-Alujevic
Social media campaigning: Facebook and the 2010 Taipei mayoral election
Chia-Shin Lin
Online political movements and discursive strategic repertoires
Ariadne Vromen
The State of Critical Internet Studies
Christian Fuchs, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Mark Andrejevic
The Mass Media’s Relevance for Political Activities of Interest Groups
Philipp M Weichselbaum
Top-Down, Bottom-Up, or Both?: Theorizing Practice for Structures of Youth Radio Training Programs
Robert T. Huesca
First female chancellor candidate — first female chancellor. The coverage of Angela Merkel during the 2005 and 2009 election campaigns in Germany
Christina Holtz-Bacha, Eva-Maria Lessinger, Susanne Merkle
The Role of Media in Populism – The case of Venezuela under President Chávez’s rule
Virpi Salojärvi
The importance of the hair-do. How Angela Merkel learned to adapt to the requirements of modern campaigning
Christina Holtz-Bacha, Eva-Maria Lessinger
The Obama Effect The Perception of Campaigning 2.0 in Swedish National Election 2010
Anne Kaun, Carina Guyard
Coverage patterns of Korean media on the North Korean missile attack against the Yeonpyung Island of South Korea’s, and their political and ideological implication: A Semiotic Network and Discourse Analysis on media coverage about the disastrous incident
Seon Gi Baek, Kyung Rag Lee
Discourse and Legitimation in Singapore: The Case of Anti-Smoking Policy
Leanne Chang, Tom Jacobson, Weiyu Zhang
Shifting notions of objectivity and autonomy in local Russian journalism
Wilson Lowrey
Bloggers as Empowered Journalists - The Idea of Arab Digital Activism Emancipation
Antonio Jose Rosas, Mary C. Joyce
Supranational – National – Regional. How the media in Germany cover election campaigns on different levels of the political system
Jürgen Wilke, Melanie Leidecker
News Media, Political Parties and Democratic Values: media and interaction effects on regime support in Brazil
Nuno Coimbra Mesquita
ICT in system of administration of the Russian megalopolis.
Arcady Urevich Rusakov
Not only voting: online involvement of citizens in politics in Poland
Anna Przybylska
Media, citizenship and the 'crisis of democracy': From political agent to shopper in the 'political supermarket'
Tapas Ray
Producing media debate: Journalistic practice in public discussion
Lesley Janet Cowling, Carolyn Hamilton
Holding Local Governments accountable: what role for local newspapers
Ricardo Morais
Agenda Setting Effects on the Rule of Law in Southern Africa
Yusuf Kalyango
Membership Participation and Online Communication: A Comparative Study of Political Parties in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
Anika Gauja
The Political Communication of Regulatory Agencies
Manuel Puppis
Agenda Trending: An Examination of Agenda Setting and Produser Media
Jacob Groshek
The Effects of TV Genre Viewing and Internet Function Usage on Political Participation
sungdong cho
Constructing the Contingent Other: A Post-structuralist Discourse Analysis of White Rose Movement or its Political Calculation for the Practice of Democratization in Taiwan
Hsiao-Yung WANG
Songs for the deaf? The effects of public mediation in a polarized atmosphere
Arne Spieker, Marko Bachl, Jan Kercher, Frank Brettschneider
Tweeted out of Office: The Arrival of Online Social Media in Irish Politics
Kevin Rafter
Bruce A Williams
“We were all on those trains”: press coverage of the Madrid train bombings in 2004
Rut Maria Sanz Sabido
Cold War to 9/11: American News Media’s Framing of Afghanistan
Amina Asim
When disagreement meets procedural justice: Predicting intention to participate in eDeliberation through satisfaction / dissatisfaction
Weiyu Zhang, Leanne Chang
Political Framing of European News: The Coverage of the Schengen Case in the Romanian Media
Nicoleta Corbu
Political Framing of European News: The Coverage of the Schengen Case in the Romanian Media
Nicoleta Corbu, Madalina Botan
Digital Citizenship – Levels of political participation, resources and motivation by Swiss Youth
Ruth Kunz
Mediatisation of Politics or Political context? Explaining Changes in Twenty Years of Televised Election Campaign Coverage.
David Nicolas Hopmann, Reimar Zeh
Immigration-related political debate in the Finnish parliamentary elections in 2011
Mari Maasilta
Phone Hacking and the Murdoch owned UK newspapapers
Howard Tumber
The Impact of Audience’s Political Orientation on Perceived Media Credibility for Various Types of News Organizations
Clement Y K So
The Ground War as Political Communication
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Media and Surveillance
Howard Tumber
Facebook Use and Citizens’ Participation in Taiwan
Yi-Ning Chen
From Social Process to Cultural Text: Surveillance representations in the media
Gavin Smith
The Republic of “Tele-Ear”: Surveillance, Paranoia and Journalism in Turkey
Bilge Yesil
Primetime Politics. A Comparative Study of Election News Coverage in Swedish Television 1998-2010
Lars W Nord, Jesper Strömbäck
WikiLeaks – Security Journalism in the Surveillance Age
David Barnard-Wills, Aaron Martin
Small Talk, Huge Impact? The Role of Twitter in the National Election Campaign in Sweden in 2010
Marie Grusell, Lars W Nord
Community building and interactivity among Members of the European Parliament: a different public sphere?
Karolina Koc Michalska, Darren G. Lilleker
Agenda setting and Framing of Elections during Musharraf Period in Pakistani Print Media (1999-2008)
Naveed Iqbal Ch, Amna Ashraf
Social Networking, Political Participation and Young Adults - An empirical study with special reference to Tamil Nadu Elections 2011
Rajalakshmi Kanagavel, Chandrasekharan Velayutham
Inmediación. Comunicación política y arte de gobierno durante los inicios de la gestión kirchnerista en la República Argentina
Mariano Dagatti, Mariano Dagatti
How has political life changed with new information and communication technologies? Linking local and global in Istanbul
Itir Akdogan
Socialization via Selectivity? Generational Difference and the Effects of Partisan Media on Political Participation
Elizabeth Roodhouse
Information flow and communication deficit: Perceptions of Brussels-based correspondents and EU officials
Ana Isabel Martins, Sophie Lecheler, Claes de Vreese
The Rise and Rise of the Leader: the mediation of contemporary UK General Elections
Dominic Wring
Deliberation 2.0? The significance of user-generated content for German politicians.
Nina Springer, Barbara Rampf
Making Sense of War News Among Adolescents in Lebanon: The Politics of Solidarity and Partisanship
Helena Nassif
From The Countryside to the City, From The Streets To Political Institutions. Indigenous Leadership in Political Crisis of El Ecuador.
Eva María González
Communicative Action Contributions to Public Policy Decision Acceptance: The North Coast Case of California’s Marine Life Protection Act
Thomas Leigh Jacobson, Thomas Webler
Social networks, Blogosphere and critical reception: the Portuguese legislative elections
João Carlos Correia
Globalization and Nationalism in the Construction of the Internet in Canada
Delia Despina Dumitrica
Cool Neo-Ottomans: The Rise of Turkey in Arab Media Space
Marwan M Kraidy, Omar Alghazzi
Globalizing a Local Cause: Mediating the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Helga Tawil-Souri
South African local government election campaign: Enhancing participatory governance?
Lynnette Fourie
Al-Manar: Cultural Discourse and Representation of “Resistance”
Rounwah Adly Riyadh Bseiso
Terrorism and Alliance politics: the Japanese Case
seongbin Hwang
The Government Apology as National-Unity Building Exercise
M. Shivaun Corry
Media and interpersonal agenda setting and its emotional consequences: The roles of economic issues in the 2007 presidential election in Korea
Young Min
Who is telling the truth? Al-Jazeerah’s coverage of the Egyptian uprising
Mustafa Hashim Taha
The State-Intellectuals Relationship and Collective Actions: Three Case Studies in China
Fen Jennifer Lin, xinzhi zhang
Bonn, Berlin, Brussels and the Bundeswehr: How urban political cultures frame military media relations
Claudia Auer, Kathrin Schleicher, Martin Löffelholz
Fueling deliberative elections? Campaign coverage in the 2009 German federal election
Charlotte Löb, Carina Weinmann, Eike Mark Rinke
Narrating long-term conflict in Palestine and Lebanon: Images, discourse and practices
Dina Matar
Social Media and the Global Citizen: Political Expression in an era of “Twitter Revolutions”
Christian Christensen
From Echo Chamber to Persuasive Device? The Changing Role of the Internet in Campaigns
Cristian Vaccari
The Use of New Media and Selective Political Learning
S. Mo Jang
Dual Campaigning: Old, New, and Emerging Media Formats in the 2011 Tokyo Gubernatorial Election
Leslie M Tkach-Kawasaki
Campaign Comics as a Means of Strategic Political Communication. An Analysis of Comic Books Used in the Viennese Election Campaign 2010.
Katharina Lobinger, Cornelia Brantner
An Exception to the Rule? Portrayals of Female Politicians in German, Austrian, and Swiss Newspapers.
Melanie Magin
Islam in the Narrative of Fatah and Hamas
Atef Alshaer
Ethics of reporting conflict in Lebanon
Zahera Harb
2. Digital Communication Technologies and Collective Action: A Conceptual Framework
Anastasia Kavada
Political Engagement of Youth through ICTs and Digital Bangladesh Movement by 2021: A perception study from the emerging voters
Rawshon Akhter, Mohammad Sahid Ullah
Kaleidoscope of Framing: Multi-Framing
David Mekelberg, Hani Zubida, Michael Mero
Online Islamophobia – The relations between elite news discourse and increasing xenophobia in Swedish blogs
Mattias Ekman
The profesionalization of government communication. A two country comparison of how governments communicate with citizens.
Karen Sanders, Maria Jose Canel
New media's impact on Journalism in India with special reference to 'Radiagate'
Sweta Singh
Developing an Index of Political Reputation Online. Charting Political Reputation in the 2011 Spanish Local and Regional Elections.
Francisco Diaz Lozano, Karen Sanders, Mónica Viñaras, Maria Bravo Galán
Pluralist political Advertisement, imbalanced media? Political ads and press coverage during the presidential elections in Brazil in 2010
Axel Christian Horn, Luciana Panke, Liriam Sponholz
In search of a new paradigm of political communication: Lobbyists, journalists and politicians
Hemant Joshi
New technologies, democracy and the 2010 Elections in Brazil. The 'posts' and its comments on blogs by candidates for governor of Bahia: a quantitative view
Marcus Assis Lima
Reporting and Projecting Election Campaign on New Media
Hossein -- Afkhami, Hossein -- Afkhami
Evolving strategies in the coverage of Europolitics
Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock
Habibe Ongoren, Simla Leventoglu, Yasemin Ereke
Political Communication in the Making of Foreign Policy
Kerstin Schulz
Between temples, stadiums and the hub of Europe. The symbolism of a city as a locus communis of the discourse on intercultural dialogue and citizenship in the European Union.
Katarzyna Aleksandra Planeta
The anatomy of the political scandal: media and political organizations
Hélder Rocha Prior
Social Media and the Tunisian Revolution: A Socio-Political Inquiry
Mohamed Zayani
Norwegian nationalist parties on Web 2.0
Øyvind Kalnes
Lula’s Shadow Has a Name: Dilma Rousseff and National News Coverage of Her Successful Bid as Brazil’s First Female President
Tania Rosas Moreno
Communication and Migration. Political participation and use of Hispanic media Mexicans living in the United States.
Frambel Lizárraga Salas
Evaluating the Media Dependence Model on Broadcast and Internet News Coverage of the 2011 Uprising in Egypt
Andrew Kennis, Kevin Young
New and Old Media Integration, Public Sphere and Revolution The Case of Egypt, January 2011
Sulieman S. Saleh
Issue-Based Campaign Strategies in Modern Elections
Richard Nadeau
Evaluating Mediated Communication as a Globalizing Force. The Case of Climate Change
Abby Jones
Manuel Parés iy Maicas
Mediatisation of local election? New media in the process of shaping local democracy in Poland.
Ilona Joanna Biernacka-Ligieza
unvan atas
Melodrama, reality and crisis: The government-media relationship in Hugo Chávez’s Bolivarian Revolution
Carolina Acosta-Alzuru
Media Coverage of Domestic Violence in Africa: the Case of South Africa.
Ibrahim Saleh

Political Economy Section

Istanbul and Beyond
Zahit Atam, Deniz Bayrakdar
The Political Econony of Knowledge Workers in the Media Industries of China
Jianhua Yao
Identity and control in p2p file-sharing networks; European perspectives
Yiannis Mylonas
The value of the culture and the creation in the economic development. Contribution of the Economy of the Culture and the Communication in Latin America.
Carlos Enrique Guzman
Cut and Paste: An Examination of YouTube Mash-ups and Intellectual Property Rights
Sandra Pitcher
The Propaganda Society
Gerry Sussman
Cinema, Cities, Capital
Benjamin John Birkinbine
Critique of the Political Economy of Privacy on Facebook
Christian Fuchs, Thomas Allmer, Verena Kreilinger, Sebastian Sevignani
The Economic Impact of Video Game Ratings Systems Internationally
Randall Nichols
Communities, connectivity and marginalized groups: Social networks as an alternative to social mobility
Luis Horacio Botero Montoya
Prosumption in the digital age: Towards a political economy of participatory culture
Eran Fisher
Between Public and Private Interests: Four Patterns of Regulation
Avshalom Ginosar
The merger agreement between Telecinco (Mediaset) and Cuatro TV (Prisa) and the whole reorganization in the Spanish television
José Vicente García Santamaría
The Political Economy of Wikipedia : Toward a Communist Internet?
Sylvain Firer-Blaess, Christian Fuchs
Radio, Democracy, and the Catholic Church
Gabriela Martínez
Grupo Prisa: the radical structural transformation of the leading media reference in Spain
Nuria Almiron-Roig, Ana I. Segovia
Neither Here (Mainstream) or There (Alternative): Shifts in Public Service Educational Broadcasting in Canada
Kirsten A Kozolanka
Policy(ing) Canadian Alternative Media
Sonja Macdonald
Capitalizing on Democracy: Regressive Social Relations and the Structuration of Alternative Media in Canada
Patricia Mazepa
From Alienation to Autonomy: Labour and Alternative Media
Nicole Cohen
Doing Media Studies: Communicative Capacity, Digital Labour, and the Blackberry
Vincent R. Manzerolle
Transforming the Global Film Industries: horizontal integration amid neoliberal globalization
Dal Yong Jin
The creative destruction of the music industry in Ireland: evolving revenue streams in traditional power structures.
Jim Rogers, Sergio Sparviero
Finding Yourself in the Past, the Present, the Local and the Global: Potentialities of Mediated Cosmopolitanism as a Research Methodology
Ruth Elizabeth Teer-Tomaselli, Lauren Eva Dyll-Myklebust
Critical Crossroads or Parallel Routes?: Political Economy and New Approaches to Studying Media Industries and Cultural Products
Janet Wasko, Eileen Meehan
Sustaining Independent/Alternative Media
David Skinner
Media on the Margins?
David Skinner
Peter Jakobsson, Fredrik Stiernstedt
Media for Democracy Monitor
Josef Trappel
The Global Crisis and the Information Society in Latin America
alma rosa alva de la selva
Marx is Back, But Which One? On Knowledge Labour and Media Practice
Vincent Mosco
Organizing the “Eyes and Ears of Corporate Capitalism”: Worker Inquiry and Labour Resistance in New Zealand’s Call Centres
Enda Brophy
Economies of contribution and Schumpeter's 'creative destruction'
Bogdan Fabian Dragos
Toward a Critique of the Political Economies of Network Media
Dwayne Roy Winseck
The Political Role of Online Media in South Korea
Ki-Sung Kwak
The Convergence of Cultural Forms
César Bárcenas Curtis
THE EMERGING TREND OF CREDIT CARDS FOR CHILDREN Targeting the most vulnerable commodity audience for profit or public interest?
Mariam shaikh
Wither Public Sphere? Economic Justice and Global Communicative Practices
Paula Chakravartty, Vipul Mudgal
Politics of Video Game Labor: Precarity and Commodification of Information in the 'New' Economy
Ergin Bulut
The state, symbolic violence and regulation of ‘difference’
Gholam Khiabany, Milly Williamson
"Our factory" or "social factory"? The chances and exploitations within the emergent Taiwan live venue's music economy
Miaoju Jian, Chang-de Liu
Contesting or Reinforcing the Cultural Hierarchy?: Strategies of Distinction in Counterfeit Luxury Goods and Fast Fashion Brands
Yung-Ho Im, Regina Im
Rethinking the blindspots debate: audience-commodity and the Internet
Jernej Prodnik
The state and cultural policy after (?) neo-liberalism
David Hesmondhalgh
Spatialisation and Mobile Labour in the digital games industry
Aphra Kerr
The Lebanese de-facto liberal media system: Power, media policy and regulation
Sarah El-Richani
Performance of Dutch News Media: Although there’s no Need for Dramatization, Vigilance is Needed
Leen Suzanna d'Haenens, Quint Kik
Media Consolidation in Italian Switzerland: A Case Study
Francesco Somaini
The political economy of hybridity and the commodification of race
Anamik Saha
Contemporary Legacies of Neo-Liberalism: the state, the individual and the collective - (re)configuring political identities in the digital age.
Natalie Fenton
Promoting Economics with Morals: Capitalist Ideology in Undercover Boss
Ginevra Adamoli-Kalbli, Jennifer M Proffitt
Who can play this game? The rise of nation branding in Bulgaria, 2001-2005
Nadia Kaneva
Diggers forever: The Australian media’s commitment to watchdog journalism
Beate Josephi
Journalism and class in the Age of YouTube: An appraisal of theory
Martin Hirst
Communication, Connectivity and Capital: The Political Economy of Information Networks in Financial Markets
Peter A. Thompson
Advertising in the BRICs nations
John Graham Sinclair
Social Movement Structure and Transmedia Mobilization Practices in the Immigrant Rights Movement in Los Angeles
Sasha Costanza-Chock
Power and Influence in and around the Boardroom: The Practice of Media Ownership
Jonas Ohlsson
Media and Democracy in Turkey: Towards a Model of Neo-Liberal Media Autocracy
Murat Akser, Banu Baybars-hawks
The state of internet regulation
Des Freedman
Young People’s News Consumption and Sense-Making of Digital News Platforms: Towards Digital Public Spheres? Evidence from focus group interviews in Flanders and The Netherlands
Anna Van Cauwenberge, Leen d'Haenens, Hans Beentjes
Donald McNeill
Provincial Philistine Pygmies? The Conditions of Cultural Labour in a Resource Rich State
Scott Fitzgerald, Al Rainnie, Dawn Bennett
Rehabilitating Cultural Imperialism
Colin Sparks
The Constitution of Mass Media in Germany: Still Able to Play a Supportive Role for Democracy. Results from the Media Democracy Monitor.
André Donk, Frank Marcinkowski
Fighting for Autonomy: The Subsidiaries of Global Advertising Agencies in Taiwan
Wan-Wen Day
Political Economic Communication and Contemporary Australian Chinese Newspapers - Sydney: a city for diasporic Chinese newspapers
Jack K.J Liu
Jacinta Mwende Maweu
Does social media reduce the impact of corporate journalism?
Ceren Sözeri
Russian TV: between commercial and non-commercial logics
Ilya Kiriya, Elena Degtereva
PSB production and the turn from internal markets to outside competition: The cases of the BBC and WDR
Christian Potschka
Public policies, citizen participation and democracy in the Guadalinfo program (Spain)
Francisco Javier Moreno, Alicia Reigada, Francisco Sierra
Web 2.0 and 3.0 in Practice: Critical Reflections on the Political Economy of the Internet
Veronica Barassi, Emiliano Trere
Media and Democracy in Switzerland: Decreasing diversity of sources - increasing external influence
Martina Leonarz, Werner A. Meier
The Political Economy of News: the Influence of Ownership on the Construction of Foreign News around the World
Bella Mody
The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Model (Media Democracy Monitor Panel)
Lars W Nord
Critical Internet Surveillance Studies and Economic Surveillance
Thomas Allmer
Future of professional journalism in small media market under economic recession
Halliki Harro-Loit
Global Cause? Whither Palestine
Helga Tawil-Souri
Pluralities of time, conflicts of time: Toward a new understanding of contemporary globalization and global capitalism
Wayne Hope, Wayne Hope
Mixed professional values in a small and highly blurred media environment
Aukse Balcytiene
Regional complexity in the new media economy of Asia
peichi chung
Cultural Policies in Mexico City. Chalenges and approches to generate cultural work, guarantee cultural diversity and social inclusion
Rodrigo Gomez
Hayek’s “mirage,” economic justice, and communication
Andrew Calabrese
Towards a Cultural Economy of Locative Media
Rowan Wilken
The economical journalism as financial capital’s spokesperson
Bruno Lima Rocha, Valério Cruz Brittos
Creative Economy and Labour Precarity: A Contested Convergence
Greig de Peuter
Political Economy of Internet in Central Asian Societies
Svetlana Kulikova
The Deadly Legacy of Technology
Toby Miller
Media for Democracy Monitor - Finland: High professional ethos in a small, concentrated media market
Hannu Nieminen
Ideology, Reflexivity and Innovation in Journalism ? Role of News Media in Ireland’s Property Bubble & Financial Crisis
Paschal Preston, Henry Silke
"Citizenship anf the Digital Public Sphere" / Is global copyright regulation a realistic option in the digital era?
Hannu Nieminen
A Precarious Situation: An assessment of FOSS as a labour process
Scott Neal Timcke
Supra-national Arab Television Industries, the role of Media Cities and Clusters.
Joe F Khalil
Media observatories as instruments for (of) democracy
Edgard Rebouças, Patricia Cunha
Media for Democracy Monitor: Austria. Formal redundancy and opaque practice?
Manuela Gruenangerl, Josef Trappel
Who’s Watching Whom? Consumer Interest and Media Regulation
Andrea Grisold
Public Broadcasting in Brazil: hegemony and counter-hegemony
Murilo César Ramos
Portugal: A young democracy still in progress
Joaquim Fidalgo
The Political Economy of Photo Publishing
Esa Sirkkunen
Networks of power: an analysis of the Portuguese political blogosphere
Elsa Costa Silva, Helena Sousa
Can the media crisis enhance citizens’ participation?
Josef Trappel
Product placement in Mexico: O content where art thou?
Julio Juárez-Gámiz
The dynamics of power in media policymaking: Reflections on media reforms in Zimbabwe’s fractured transition
Wallace Chuma
La Ley Sinde: proprietary rights, p2p architectures, public spheres and democracy
Laura Bergés Saura
Berlusconi on Berlusconi? A Critical Analysis of Italy’s commercial TV discourse on digital TV policy
Cinzia Padovani
Social class, cinema culture and experiences of distinction. Towards a political economy analysis of the history of cinemagoing in Flanders (Belgium)
Daniel Biltereyst, Philippe Meers
Media concentration, digitalization and regulation: the case of Argentina
Martin Becerra, Guillermo Mastrini
Mediating the street and the screen: Protest Communication in Globalising India
Supriya Chotani
Towards a Political Economy of Communication: Rethinking The Blind Spot of Work & Technology
Gina Neff
Towards a Political Economy of Fake News
Joe Atkinson
Industria y creatividad: una perspectiva latino-americana
Cesar Bolano
The Georgian-Russian Media War 2008
Joerg Becker

Comic Art Working Group

The Outcaste Weakly Poet
Scott Stewart Welsh
Comic Art and Cultures of Erotic Self-display
Katrien Jacobs, Jing Yang
Between photography and drawing: the documentary comics as translation of the city
Felipe de Castro Muanis
Forgeting reality: cities in superheroes comics and shonen manga
Luis Javier Capote-Pérez
“A Contract with God and other Tenement Stories”: space, culture and communication in the graphic novel by Will Eisner
Marília Santana Borges
Reconocer al otro: el aoi-me en el animé japonés
Jorge Salvador Anaya Martínez
Geeks. Process of construction of identity of the fans of Star Wars.
Sergio Sánchez Sánchez
Gleanings from Interviews with Women Cartoonists Worldwide
John Anthony Lent
Latino USA: Graphic Narrative, History, and Heteroglossia
Adriana Angel, Andrés Calle
Interrogating the Idea of Animation: Some Peripheral Perspectives
Kaustubh Ray
An Anatomy of Abu’s Cartoons
Rekha Madhavan Sasidharan, Lakshmi Rekha Sasidharan
17 Years of Chinese Cartooning -- 1949-1966
Ying Xu, John Anthony Lent
Some words about "Maus, a
Alexis Ariel Chausovsky
Archna Kumar, Mridula Seth, Raina Aaggaewal
Roberto Miller: the Brazilian wizard of experimental Animation
Daniel Pinna
From paper to film — the pioneers of Brazilian Animation
Daniel Pinna
The Suggestion of the sensible in Ramayan 3392 ad.
Rafael Giardini Lenzi
Weeping Doodles: Caricatures of Kenya’s Post Election Violence
Levi Obonyo
Comics and the City: the graphic art of Luiz Gê
Monica Fontana
Comic Journalism Art of Pakistan Covering Karry Lugar Bill 2009
Amna Ashraf, Naveed Iqbal Ch
The Renaissance of Thai Knowledge Cartoons
Warat Karuchit

Communication and HIV/AIDS Working Group

HIV/AIDS in Tanzania: How the Media Use Metaphors to Report on an Epidemic
Ammina Kothari
Representation and Social Construction of HIV/AIDS in the Mainstream Hindi Cinema in India: A Study on the Discourses of Normative Sexual Health.
Vemula Ravindra Kumar, Ingle Sudhakar Hrishikesh
Framing AIDS: Comparing Efficacy and Agency Frames in HIV-AIDS Coverage in Four Anglophone African Newspapers, 2002-2008
John Crothers Pollock, Paul D'Angelo
HIV/AIDS intervention research and the Sonagachi Project: The impact of anti-trafficking and rehabilitation propositions
Satarupa Dasgupta
Risk perception and interventions among men who have sex with men in Jamaica. Talking at cross-purposes?
Marjan J. de Bruin
Co-creating with Ugandan youth: Artivist pedagogy for HIV/AIDS messages
Leslie Robinson
Sub-Saharan Africa UNGASS reporting on CSW and MSM improving despite continued criminalization
Cecilia Karolina Strand
Communication strategies at provincial level to promote HIV/AIDS prevention among migrant workers: Case study of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Pornpun Prajaknate
Interpersonal Communication and Computer Mediated Collaborative Learning: Towards a Theoretical Research Framework for Primary HIV and AIDS Prevention
Dorien Baelden
Literacy Lives: An exploration of creative and applied community-based responses to HIV communication practice
Shanthi Besso, Judy Smith, William Booth
The Vienna Declaration: the role of online engagement in building international consensus in support of drug policy reform
Michaela Montaner, Christine Tapp, Dan Werb, Evan Wood
Contextual Dynamics of Individual-Community ‘Interaction’ and Stigmatization: Evidence from Persons Actually and Virtually Living with HIV and AIDS
Satyajeet Nanda
Utilization of Regional Connectivity and Communication networks in enhancing AKDN HIV/AIDS Workplace Programmes
Joshua Omusa Ongwae
Taking a gendered lens on HIV/AIDS communication and policy
Sarah Cardey
UNESCO’s Young TV Producers reporting on HIV and AIDS: Experiences, Challenges and Eye-Openers
Nanna Engebretsen
HIV Prevalence and improved cities connectivity among youths: A comparative analysis of Urban and rural areas of Cross River State, Nigeria.
Charles Borromeo Uwakwe, Mary Achi Mgbekem, Alberta Nsemo, Gabriel Ushie Ntamu, Boniface Onyebuchi Oparah
Women of Faith and HIV/AIDS: Risk Perceptions and Prevention Challenges in Jamaica and Kenya
Nancy Muturi
Tellers and Listeners in the Canadian Culture of HIV/AIDS Testimonials: Lessons learned from the VIHsibilité Project
Maria Nengeh Mensah, Thomas Haig
The Influence of Community Women Leaders in Effective Communication Strategy to Fight the Spread and Stigma HIV/AIDs Infections in Uganda
Wilson Truman Okaka
Beyond consultation: participatory communication with young African men and women to co-design HIV and sexual health services in London
Clodagh Miskelly, Robin Vincent

Crisis Communication Working Group

“Empowering women and men to end their hunger”
M A Rashid Rashid Molla
Warning of Potential Disasters from Outer Space:
Richard Shafer Shafer, Kim Higgs, Richard Aregood
Egyptian Youth as Demonstrators and Citizen Journalists: Role of Facebook in Incurring and Communicating Egypt’s Demonstrations Jan. 2011
Emirates Airlines Handling of Volcanic Ach’s Crisis
khairat Ayad
Typhoon Morakot Lashed Taiwan: Administrative Failure in Crisis Response
Shuhui Sophy Cheng
From Economic Mess to Electoral Success: Swedish Government Communication Strategies During the Financial Crisis 2008
Lars W Nord, Eva-Karin Olsson
Disaster coverage and the transforming perception of regional geohazards: social memory as a part of crisis communication and disaster prevention
Corinna Lüthje, Irene Neverla
Connecting in Crisis
Alexa Robertson
Measuring dramatization of news coverage on conflicts. A case study of the Afghanistan conflict in German media
Ines Clara Vogel, Karin Stengel, Michaela Maier
Employing social media networks in crisis communication:A Taiwan example
Debbie Yichen Wu, Mei-Hsuan Yeh
Political scandals, Gender and Crisis Communication
Elin Strand Hornnes
Talking suicide – intimate conversations about a taboo subject
Michael Uv Westerlund
Reporting Gaza 2008: a comparative study of British and Spanish press
Rut Maria Sanz Sabido
Examining the Chinese Approach to Crisis Management: Cover-ups, Saving Face, and Toeing the “Upper Level” Line
Ye Lan, Augustine Pang
Crisis communication in a diversified media landscape
marina ghersetti
How publics respond to blame games in crisis communication: The case of the Love Parade in Duisburg 2010
Andreas Schwarz
Crisis communication in governance: a case study of melamine milk powder in Taiwan
Ming-Ying Lee
Organizational Reputation in Corporate Crisis and Communication Management
Yi-Hui Christine Huang
Crises, early warning and vulnerability – sensemaking in communication
Eleka Rugam-Rebane
The Magic of Naming: Conflict, National Memory and Political Mediation in the Macedonian-Greek Name Dispute
Sandra Ristovska
Consumption of Financial News: Individuals’ Processing of Risk Information in Hong Kong
Zhuowen Dong, Lai Shan Tam
Hyun O. Lee, Cindy T. Christen, Jangyul Kim
Instant Experts: US Cable News and the Crisis in Egypt
Marguerite Joan Moritz
Desirable Facial Traits of Organizational Spokesperson in Times of Crises: Enhancing Perceptions of Authority, Dependability and Likeability
Augustine Pang, May O. Lwin, Chrystal Jia Yi Yeong, Siti Hanna Binte Ruslan, Nur Arina Binte Dafir
What happens to journalism when all the authorities speak with one voice?
Tomas Andersson Odén
A Prodromal Checklist to Diagnose Crisis Preparedness of Business Organizations
George David, Ion Chiciudean
War in Rio de Janeiro: The management of the image of the police during the reclaim of "Complexo do Alemão" slums
Denise Cristine Paiero
Telling the War at Home: How British military media strategies shape warfare narratives
Rikke Bjerg Jensen
The Mobile Challenge: using mobile phones as a media platform in southern Afghanistan
Emrys Schoemaker, Abaceen Nasimi, Nicola Harford
Mechanism of “Problem Identification” and “Problem Attribution” in Public Health Crisis —— the case of H1N1 coverage in Hong Kong
Shuo Zhou
Truth and transparency: the media politics of Wikileaks
Einar Thorsen, Chindu Sreedharan, Stuart Allan, Kari Andén-Papadopoulos
Title: Media and Girl Child in Haryana – With a special Reference to Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar)
Sumedha Dhani
The use of social-media during the political crises: A comparative perspective between Turkey & Spain
Hakan Ergül, Emre Gokalp, Javier G. Marín, Óscar G. Luengo
Europolitics and the Eurozone Debt-and-Financial-Crisis: Journalistic Coverage by European Transnational Channels
Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock, Dr., Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Dr.
The 2010 Chilean Earthquake: the limits and possibilities of media technology in a time of natural disaster
Angharad N. Valdivia
Thinking about Humanitarian and Crisis Communication: the importance of further research and sharing lessons learned
Susan Marie Abbott, Jennifer Mandel, Matt Abud, Imogen Wall, Gregory Asmolov
“Crowdsourcing Platforms as a Tool for Engagement of Citizens in Emergency Response: A Case Study of the Russian Ushahidi Project”
Susan Marie Abbott
Discourse about the epidemic of dengue fever in the media
Isaltina Maria de Azevedo Mello Gomes, Luiz Marcelo Robalinho Ferraz
Media Preference for an Effective Dissemination of Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Nigeria’s Semi-Urban Setting: Iwo Town in Perspective.
Aderogba Adeyemi

Diaspora and Media Working Group

Identity Prosthesis: Sustaining Native Identity via Homeland Media
Amit Kama, Vered Malka
E- Identity’: Aspects of Muslim youth using Social Media
Khalil Al Agha
Media and Citizenship:Transnational television Audiences
Myria Georgiou
Chinese women migrating to multicultural Sydney
Sabine Krajewski
Mapping immigrant women's cyber-activism in urban spaces
Antonio Jose Rosas, Olga Guedes Bailey
Intercultural landscapes in global cities: The Kantuta Square as the place of hybrid relations developed between bolivian migration and the city of São Paulo.
sofia cavalcanti zanforlin
Media, Language and Identity: Nepalese immigrants in Portugal
Ines Branco
Articulating Difference and Belonging: Communication Practices of Migrant Groups in Five Urban Spaces
Saskia Witteborn
Social media, intermediality and the rise of anti-immigration movement
Kaarina Nikunen
The “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy: Consensus and Contradiction in Mainstream Media Coverage
Deepa Kumar
“We might get united and stronger, like Latinos in the US”. Hispanic Media and Diasporic Identities in London.
Jessica Retis
Diasporic media use and identification with Islam: a family study in Flanders
Hatim El Sghiar
Constructing Diasporic Communication Space Online
Cigdem Bozdag
The Diaspora Descendent and Ayvalik: Producing/Restoring Identities
Denise Matthews
Ethnic media and social integration of new immigrants in cities: A multilevel approach
Vikki S Katz, Matthew D Matsaganis
Mediating Palestine
May Farah
The Culture of Shame, Satirizing the Shame: “Persian Dad” Viral Videos, FOBs and Manliness in the Iranian Diaspora
Sanaz Raji
Digital gurus, online classicism: Diasporic pursuits of authenticity Radha S. Hegde
Radha S. Hegde
Remaking the Diaspora: The quest for authority and authenticity among diasporic youth in Europe
Roza Tsagarousianou
Gülsüm Depeli
Media as objects of collective remembering: rethinking media consumption practices among postcolonial diasporic subjects
Catarina Valdigem Pereira
Articulating Difference and Belonging: Communication Practices of Migrant Groups in Five Urban Spaces
Saskia Witteborn, Miyase Christensen, Myria Georgiou, Tarik Sabry
Internet en la reconfiguración de la experiencia migratoria del siglo XXI: el caso de los inmigrantes brasileños en España
Wellington Teixeira Lisboa
Muslims in the European Mediascape: The Production Context.
Elizabeth/Siobhan Poole/ Holohan
The British Media, the Veil and the Limits of Freedom
Milly Williamson
Return of the Ashes to Mother-INDIA – Journey of the Soul in Reverse Migration with family (and communication with grand-children)
Sumedha Dhani
Muslims and the Media: Constructing Muslim Identity
Deepa Kumar
Hamam a la Banglaise and the Other’s Other
Tarik Sabry
Celebrating a Global Chinese New Year: State Media and Global Chineseness
Le Han
Fitna, YouTube, and the Enactment of Citizenship
Liesbet van Zoonen, Farida Vis, Sabina Mihelj
Kanak TV: subverting majorities
Enis Dinc
Decentering Nationhood—The Influence of Media on Hybrid Imagined Communities in Multigenerational Immigrant Families in Austin, Texas
Laura Dixon, Dean Graber, Joseph Straubhaar, Jeremiah Spence
Identity and Ideals: How Bollywood crystallizes ‘Indianness’ for the diaspora.
Charu Uppal
From diaspora to plurality: the changing nature of latino media use across 3 generations
Jeremiah Spence, Joseph Straubhaar, Viviana Rojas
The Paradox of Connectivity - examining Australia's multicultural media landscape through the Turkish diaspora
Erdem Koç

Digital Divide Working Group

American Internet Companies’ Predicament in China: Google, eBay, and MSN Messenger
Jia Lu
The measurement and effect factors of the second digital divide among the college students
fan bin zeng
Social networks usage patterns among digital natives and immigrants
Luis M Martinez, Pia B Salcedo
Diffusion & Adoption of an e-society: The myths & politics of ICT for poor in India.
Vemula Ravindra Kumar
From Internet Use Preference to Stratum Identification Deviation: Rethinking the "Second Digital Divide"
Yusi Liu, Wang Liao
The leisure divide: Can the Third World come out to play?
Payal Arora
Digital in Journalists’ Activity and a rise of the New Generation of Russian Journalists
Olga Smirnova
Role of ICTs in connectivity of Pakistani youth
zarqa ali
Reflections on the praxis of audience research across the rural-urban divide in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Mary Myers
The other side of the screen: Women from Latin America in London and their engagement with the Internet
Maria Isabel Pavez
Internet community radio in Sri Lanka; challenges and opportunities
Rasmin Careem
Contact networks and the digital inclusion of isolated community members
Hannah Goraya, Ann Light, Simeon Yates
Creativity for fun or work? Main motives for Internet use as predicted by personality traits and socio-demographics
Veronika Kalmus, Andra Siibak, Anu Realo
Digital possibilities and social and cultural reproduction: a reflection on the role of ICTs using survey results from a survey among youngsters in Brussels and Antwerp
Stefan Mertens
Is there a mobile divide? Impacts of smartphone applications use on social and human capital
Jaemin Jung, Youngju Kim, Eun Ju Lee
IT Matters: Physical and Digital Characteristics Influencing Effective Adoption of the Internet
Debbie Goh
Identifying barriers to Web 2.0 access among Urban and Rural Teachers in West Virginia
Debbie Goh, Ugur Kale
A Discursive approach to Web 2.0 Digital Divide Among College Going Students in east India
Uma Shankar Pandey
In-families gaps: use of digital information in Moscow households
Denis Dunas
Geographical Inequalities in Social Media Uses and Outcomes in Seoul; A Multi-level Approach
Yong-Chan Kim, Haeyoung Shon, Hongjin Shim, Jiyoung Lim
Lending a Visible Hand: An analysis of infomediary behavior in Colombian public access venues and their impact on social, economic, and community development
Joel David Turner, Phil Fawcett, Ricardo Gomez
The development of ‘the Passive Node’ - Towards a critical understanding of the relationship between technology and society.
Natalie Sara Pitimson, Neil Curry
Common Service Centers and E-governance services: A Study in a rural community
Periyasamy Mabel Govindaraju, Maani Mabel Mabel
Brave New Work? How Urban Coworking Spaces Facilitate the Collaboration of Small-Business Entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries
Tobias Kohler, Anıl Mühürdaroglu
Photography and Digital Exclusion: appropriations and uses of image capture equipment
Daniel Meirinho Souza
Digital divide and divide in the technological “realities” from media: A content analysis of mobile phone quotient in U.S. state newspapers
Yoonwhan "Miles" Cho
Access-points and profile-making within Infrastructure - where the agency of thriving inequalities can lie
Carina Sofia Lopes
Digital divide among the rural communities in Bangladesh: Can the ‘info-lady’ be a bridge?
ASM Asaduzzaman
Community 'Cultural Journalism - PB': Study of everyday life in the tribe of brazilians journalists in Orkut
Marina Magalhães de Morais
Navigating between Old and New Media in the Technopolis: An Analysis of Media Use by Immigrant Families in Austin, Texas
Dean Graber, Laura Dixon, Joseph Straubhaar
The Digital Divide in a Multicultural Society: A Meta-Analysis of the Digital Divide Research of South Korea between 1990 and 2010
Yongmin Yoo, Kyung Han You, Sang Hyun Kang
Elderly migrant Latinos and media literacies : Usage and perceptions of digital media among older Latinos in Texas
Ikram Toumi, Viviana Del Carmen Rojas, Joseph Straubhaar
Social culture behind Internet adoption: the ‘I don’t want to use the Internet’ and frequency of Internet use examples
Panayiota Tsatsou

Environment, Science, and Risk Communication Working Group

Basic Tendencies and Structural Problems of Science News in Turkish Newspapers: A Long Term Analysis Between 1993-2008
Çiler Dursun
The framing of a weather tragedy in the digital age – how scientists were bypassed during the coverage of the Madeira Island’s storm
Gonçalo Pereira Rosa
Organizing and Networking Environmental Movements in China: Toward a Reconstructed Power Relationship between the State and Society
Rong Wang
Appearance of Social Science Research in the Media: An Exploration of News Reports on Violent Video Games
Alexandra Sowka, Christoph Klimmt, Tobias Rothmund, Mario Gollwitzer
The Media and Locally Contextualised Representations of the Environment in Nepal
Sangita Shrestha
Pictorial Representation of Gender in Flood Coverage of Pakistani Media
zarqa ali
Wedging equity and environmental justice into the discourse on sustainability
oscar howard gandy, jr.
Mediatization of science in the post-normal age: climate research and communication research
Corinna Lüthje
Impacts on public opinion by mass media coverage of climate change issues: Comparison of print media and television
Midori Aoyagi
Controversy in climate change movies
Ines Crespo, Angela Guimaraes Pereira
Entertaining Experts. On the Relevance of Entertainment for Understanding Media Representation of Environmental Issues.
Cornelia Wallner, Markus Rhomberg, Marian Adolf
Where have all the climate skepticism gone? Construction of the scientific alarmism in Japanese newspaper coverage on the IPCC
Shinichiro Asayama, Atsushi Ishii
Whose Weather Is It Anyway? Communicating Risk at the National Weather Service.
Phaedra Daipha
Food safety and risk communication: the media representation of Avian Flu in Italy
Simone Carlo
Planting the Green Idea: A Study of Medium Effectiveness on Behavioural Intentions Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Jin Yong Low, Adeline Tan, Andrew Darwitan, Kaijie Ng
Journalism and Scientific Evidence
Daniel Noelleke, Bernd Bloebaum
Where are we missing the mark with CSR reporting? Toward the qualitative perspective of news coverage of CSR
Joanne Mui Hean Lee, Augustine Pang, Angela Ka Ying Mak
Framing and cultural resonances in television news coverage of the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference
Anders Hansen, Dorothee Arlt, Miguel Vicente, Jingrong Tong, Jens Wolling
Ecological perspective of water pollution report on Chinese media: take the "People's Daily" as an example
Yu Wang
Public understanding of uncertainty in public health: Analyzing public understanding of technological risks in the case study of melamine milk powder in Taiwan
Ming-Ying Lee
International Environmental Conflict and the News Media: Deconstructing Coverage of the Chevron Case in Ecuador
Juliet Pinto, Paola Prado, Elizabeth Suarez
Science and Media in the Risk Society: Contestation of Scientific Claims about Climate Change
Rowan Howard-Williams
The benefits of conflict in Environment, Science and Risk communication research
Pieter Maeseele
“Climate certainty” in the Belgian media: science communication or journalistic ideology?
Antigoni Vokou
Environmental ethics and environmental concern within the organizational culture of policy makers for the environment
Omneya El Sayed Nour Eddin
Audience reception analysis of environmental issue: the Example of "Saving Energy, Reduction Carbon"
Shun-Chih KE
Environment and Consumption: Toward the Sustainable Consumption Model to examine proactive and reactive consumption behaviors
Ai Sian Ng, May O. Lwin, Augustine Pang
German Media Coverage on Nuclear Power in 2010
Dorothee Arlt, Jens Wolling
Public Opinion about Energy Policy
Dorothee Arlt, Jens Wolling
Environmental Movements of the Brazilian Youth
Tiago Eder Garcia Rodrigues
The media construction of cancer risk: disproportion, uncertainty, and personalization
Yu-Chan Chiu
Scientific research in media news about social risks. A quantitative and qualitative approach.
Bernd Blöbaum, Andreas Matthias Scheu, Annika Kutscha, Anna-Maria Volpers
Mediating Communications. Quality media coverage of Communication Science in three European Countries.
Cornelia Brantner, Brigitte Huber
Agenda Setting on Environment and Climate Change Issues in Bangladesh Newspapers: the case of UN Climate Change Conference, Cancun
Ashfara Haque
Save the climate or quit smoking? Journalism norms meeting urban social causes in post-socialist newsrooms.
Pavel Pavlov Antonov
Between the EU and local needs:Environmental NGOs, campaign strategies and funding in the West Balkans
Kate Coyer, Ivona Malbesic
Environmental attitudes and media communication
Miki Kawabata
Mass Media Effects on Elite Legislators: A Social Psychology Case Study of Climate Change in Peru
Bruno Takahashi
Communicating Climate-Related Natural Hazards Risk Resilience
Christos K Giannoulis, Constantina Skanavis
A Struggle between Globalizing and Localizing Climate Change Coverage: Reporting 2009 Copenhagen Summit in Taiwan
Mei-Ling Hsu, Yie-Jing Yang
Agenda Setting on Environment and Climate Change Issues in Bangladesh Newspapers: the case of UN Climate Change Conference, Cancun
S M Shameem Reza
How much threat should be relieved? The impact of an implicit or explicit low self-efficacy on food risk perception in a context of climate change and globalization.
Melanie De Vocht, Verolien Cauberghe, Tineke Faseur, Benedikt Sas
Media coverage on climate change in Bangladeshi newspapers- national domestication of a global issue.
Shameem Mahmud
The "regionalization" of the climate change news coverage in Belgium
Antigoni Vokou
Controverses environnementales et évolution de l’expertise à l’ère des réseaux
Oumar Kane
Public perception to climate change risks and motivation to adaptation in the coastal region of Bangladesh: a qualitative analysis of the role of mass media, interpersonal communication and personal exposure to risks
Shameem Mahmud
News coverage of nanotechnology in Taiwan
Tsung-Jen Shih
Getting on the Same Wavelength? Using Media and ICTs to Communicate Livelihoods Information and Innovation
Ed Pauker, David Musiime, Allan ONIBA ALANA

Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group

Figuration of suffering: to see and to be seen on contemporary photojournalism
Paulo Bernardo Ferreira Vaz, Angie Biondi
Miracle products in the media: a critical approach from the ethics of communication
Fatima Fernández Christlieb, Aimée Vega Montiel, Patricia Ortega, Elsie Mc Phail
Questions from an Anthropological Ethics of Media: Filipino audiences and their responses to televised suffering
Jonathan Corpus Ong
Leonardo Francisco Figueiras Tapia
The blurring between information and advertising: the case of Portuguese magazines
Joaquim Paulo Serra, Bruno Serra
An Appraisal of Robort Brandom’s Making It Explicit
Scott Neal Timcke
Rich Singapore, Poor Singapore: Never the twain shall meet?
Choon Hwee Koh
Promises and limits of discourse ethics in Communicative interactions
Luis Mauro Sa Martino, Angela Cristina Salgueiro Marques
The Limits of Images Related to Death and Violence in Daily Newspapers: A Comparison between the United Kingdom and Spain
Santiago Urrutia, Begoña Zalbidea, Juan Carlos Pérez, Susana López
Tweeting the news: the ethics of Twitter as the “newest” journalism tool at South Africa’s Mail & Guardian newspaper, and its impact on press freedom
Nicola Jones
El puzzle de la gran metropolí de los contrastes. ¿Se informa con ética profesional la riqueza y la pobreza de la ciudad de México?
María Teresa Nicolás
The ethical principles of citizenship photojournalism
sofia alexandra lopes
Media Ethics: The Uneven Tempo between International Principles and Local Practice
Kiranjit Kaur, Halimahton Shaari
Good communication: its enemies and its allies in the global and digital age
Media ombudsman: an ‘endangered species’ or a needed bet for the future?
Joaquim Fidalgo, Madalena Oliveira
Communities, connectivity and marginalized groups of India
Sumedha Dhani
The Enactment of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations Practices: A Case Study from a Multinational Mining Company in Indonesian
Gregoria arum yudarwati
Media, ethics and public opinion in Brazil based on the analysis of coverage of the case Isabella Nardoni
Edson Fernando Dalmonte, Maria Lucineide Fontes
Minnesota News Council as a self-regulation body for Media Accountability
Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Sacha Brasil Reis
“The Ailing Watchdog”: Exploring Journalism Ethics in Bangladesh
Md. Abu Naser, Debashis Aikat

European Public Broadcasting Policies Working Group

Can self-regulation of public service broadcasting deliver Public Value?
Corinna Wenzel, Josef Trappel
Public Service Broadcasting radio in crossroad stage: new radio ahead
Stanislaw Jedrzejewski
Analyzing national practices after European State aid control: are multi-stakeholder negotiations beneficial for public service broadcasting?
Karen Donders, Tim Raats
Public Service Media and innovation; an increasingly contested relationship
Andra Leurdijk
The Creation of Public Value in Small States: A Comparison of Media Regulation and Broadcasters' Strategies in Austria and Switzerland
Manuel Puppis, Thomas Steinmaurer, Matthias Künzler
Construction of national identity: creative and cultural role of public service broadcasting
Ieva Beitika, Inta Brikse, Rolands Tjarve
Between diversity and pluriformity: The “new style” of Dutch public broadcasting
Isabel Awad, Jiska Engelbert
Future or the dusk of local public broadcasters? Globalisation and market strategies to protect local public broadcasters in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Katarzyna Konarska, Arkadiusz Lewicki
In search of PSB’s holy grail: Cultural content fit for contemporary PSB and society?
Hilde Van den Bulck, Sil Tambuyzer
Quantitative Content Analysis of Moroccan Public Service Television
Bouziane Zaid
The uncertain journey of Southern European PSBs on the Web: France Télévisions and TVE’s online activities between the national and the European policy frameworks
Benedetta Brevini
Using Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Model to Examine People's Intention to Pay for Public Television in Taiwan
Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Linlin Ku, Yu-li Liu
European Union definitions of public service broadcasting
Alison Harcourt
Assessing the British Public Value Test: Has it created public value?
Maria Michalis

Global Media Policy Working Group

Turkey's Internet Regulatory Regime: Exploring the Tensions between Global Communications and State Control
Bilge Yesil
Media's Co-Regulation System in Taiwan
Bonnie Peng
From Rhetoric to Policy Actions: Challenges to a Comprehensive Broadcasting Policy in Bangladesh
S M Shameem Reza
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Predictor Variables for Media Content Regulations
Seong Choul Hong
Consumer Electronics Firm's Role in the Global Digital TV Transition Policy
Film policy in small nations. A comparative analysis of the history of film policy and its relation to the ‘nation’ in Flanders and Denmark
Gertjan Willems

Health Communication and Change Working Group

Relational Risk and Health Communication: The Crisis of Campaign for Eradication of Polio in Nigeria
Ismail Adegboyega Ibraheem, Ralph Akinfeleye
Managing hopes and expectations: communicating with corneal graft recipients
Usha Raman, Virender Sangwan, Diana Monteiro
Construction of Death in H1N1 News in The Times of India
Pradeep Krishnatray, Rahul Gadekar
“Healthy us” and “diseased other”: Marginalized HIV/AIDS representations in Chinese newspapers
Xiaoguang Zhu, Naren A.M. Chitty
Risk communication: early detection of breast cancer and prevention
Margret Jaeger, Margit Raich, Elisabeth Noehammer, Harald Stummer
'Othering' the 'other': Representation of People Living With HIV and AIDS in Popular music
Laina Taruva
Skipping meals to watch the Food Channel? The impact of media use on eating habits.
Charlotte De Backer
Effective Message Strategies in Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products: Use of Visual Metaphors in Promotional Materials of Oncology Drugs
Filiz Otay DEMİR, Ayşe Nil KİREÇCİ
Managing patient loads: The use of interruption in healthcare encounters
Kimmy Cheng
Digital Inclusion for Community Health Agents in Brazil: knowledge and information management in social networks
Ana Valéria M Mendonca, Maria Fátima de Sousa
Subba Rao M Gavaravarapu, Sudershan R Vemula, Laxmaiah Avula, Brahmam NV Ginnela
Breast cancer - the marginalised disease in health communication in contemporary China
Yue Gao
Healthcare Networks in France: an interface organization as a response to AIDS problem around information and communication situations
Bourret Christian
Bollywood movies changing public attitude towards people with disabilities: The case of Guzaarish and My Name is Khan
Abhijit Sen, Sanchala Sen
Potential Uses of Videogames in Public Health Communication
Marcelo Simão Vasconcellos, Inesita Soares Araújo
When Media Campaigns Fail – Misconceptions About Organ Donation and Transplantation Among the Rural Malay Community in Malaysia
selvarani p kovil pillai
News Representation of Autism: A Content Analysis in Nine Chinese Newspapers over Ten Years
Gongcheng LIN, Ying LI
The Impacts of Vicarious Illness Experience on African Americans’ Response to Gain- vs. Loss-framed Breast Cancer Screening (BCS) Messages
Hyo Jung Kim, Glen T. Cameron
Enabling engagement – catalysing and supporting social movements for health and development in Southern Africa
Patrick William Cockayne, Janine Simon-Meyer
Using Print Narratives to Address Psychiatric Stigma: The Effects of Message Framing and Source Credibility
Junqi Liao, Yue Ting Low, Roslina Sim, Vanessa Too, Hyo Jung Kim
“Refugees and immigrants can be deadly”: The role of the Canadian press in the (re)production of racializing discourses on immigrants’ health status and behaviours
Sylvia Reitmanova, Diana L Gustafson
Is it worth the risk?: Conceptualizing user participation and expertise in relation to biomedical technoscience
Patricia Campbell
Weighty representations: ‘Obese’ people’s views on body diversity messages, weight-related health campaigns and media reporting guidelines
Kate Eloise Holland, R Warwick Blood
After the Games--- Individual, Environmental and Social Determinants of Physical Activity
Zhuowen Dong
Web-Based Communication using Theoretical Approaches to Health Promotion aimed at Reducing Prevalence of Tobacco Use among Females in Turkey
Caitlin Elizabeth Iverson, Dominique Brossard
Comparing Promotions on Internet and Traditional Media: An examination of Third-Person Effect of Anti-Drug Abuse Messages
Wan Chi Leung
Media Agenda Building in Cancer Communication: Convergence of issues, divergence of perceptions, and the mediating role of the Government in Singapore
Angela Mak, Augustine Pang, Lee Ching Cheng
Disease by the Portuguese press: who talks about what?
Felisbela Lopes, Teresa Ruão, Sandra Marinho, Rita Araújo
Health communication challenges and ethnic minority communities in Reading: Taking a gendered perspective
Sarah Cardey, Subrata Saha
The media representation of female cancer and female body: The discourse analysis of news coverage in Taiwan
Yu-Chan Chiu
You Can’t Chase Someone Round a Park with that! On the Malliability and Interpretive Flexibility of Condom Usage Demonstration
Ben Light, Paula Ormandy, Cristina Vascillica
Communicative space, positioning, and health care migration
Camilla Haavisto
Understanding the dynamics of social change for development – addressing social practices, social context, networks of communication, resources and power
Robin Vincent
Internet health information and health decision making
Yoke Lim Khor, Gerald Guan Gan Goh, Hamidah Abd Hamid, Rohani Hashim

Islam and Media Working Group

Text and the Context: Locating explicitly religious TV-serials in Bangladesh
Abdullah Al Mamun
The Islamic Thoughts in Contemporary Style in Malaysia
Syahrul Fithri Musa
The Impact of 9/11 on Media Portrayal of Muslims
CNNI and the Orientalist Discourse during the 2003 Iraq War
Tarek Cherkaoui
The Rise of Anti-Muslim Prejudice: Media and Islamophobia in Europe and the United States
Christine L. Ogan, Lars Willnat, Manaf Bashir, Rosemary Pennington
Muslim media in the U. S. and their role in helping Muslims become part of the American public square. A Case study of three U. S. cities: Chicago, Dearborn and Seattle
Mohammad A Siddiqi
The Media of Islam. Islamizing the Media.
Nabil Echchaibi
Facebook Revolution or Jasmine Revolution? Social Media and Muslim Youth
Jack Lule
Islam and the West - Connectivity through religion: A case of religious journalism in Pakistan 2000-2010
Bushra Hameedur Rahman
Big city – small city: The implications of place in the pictorial coverage of conflict in the Philippines
Violet B. Valdez
Media Representations and Social Meanings of Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan
Abida Eijaz
Social media and social network among Muslim organisations in disseminating Islamic messages: A Study of Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, MSSN, Lagos chapter, Nigeria.
Ralph Afolabi Akinfeleye, adepate rahmat mustapha-koiki
Outsiders/Insiders: Coverage of Islam in the Israeli media
Yoel Cohen
Depictions of Muslim female migrants in German News Media
Esra Özcan
Music, Power and Media in Civil Protest: Shajarian’s Rabbana chant as a protest tool in the aftermath of the 2009 Iranian elections
Kamran Hooshmand
The City, the Veil and Many Women
Mathew Francis, Ravishankar Pandey
Europe as Other
Alexa Robertson
Rebranding Religious Television: Challenging Conventionality
Norbaiduri Ruslan
Muslims and the new media - the South African scenario
Bibi Ayesha Mall
Photography while representation of the real: a visual identity created by images of the Middle East people published in the National Geographic
Daniel Meirinho Souza
From Istanbul to Brazil: the tropics reinvented by Muslims
Fernando Resende, Ana Beatriz Paes
Portrayal of non-Muslims in Islamic media: an analysis of Christian-Muslim riots in mainstream print media of Pakistan
Hina Ayaz
Counterpublics and New Media in Istanbul. A field study on Islamist students.
Sara Merdian
Title: Democracy marches towards North Africa, rocks Western
Monowara Moni Begum
Cyber Uprising: The Role of Aljazeera TV Channel on the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions
Khalil Hanna Rinnawi
Social Media and Renegotiating Identity among Muslim and non Muslim youth in Malaysia
Samsudin Bin Rahim
Conflictual Approaches to Nationalism in the Islamist Discourse in the Late Ottoman Society: A Case Study of the Journal Sebilü’r-reşad (1908-1924)
Ozan Asik
Madrassas and the media in the UK
Myriam Cherti
Representation of South Asian Muslims Youths in Cyber Islamic Environments
shahnawaz ali raihan
Why Campaigns Fail: Lessons Learned from U.S. State Department’s Strategic Communication to Enhance America’s Image in the Arab and Muslim World
Kelly K Davis, Debashis Aikat
Controversy over the Ground Zero mosque trough Southern European and Latina American Newspaper
Juan Francisco Martínez Cerdá, Oralia Paredes, Laura Cervi, Santiago Tejedor
Internet Revolution? New Media and the Arab Street
Dana Janbek
Social Networks and January 2011 Events in Egypt: An Analysis of Behavioral Consequences and Political Impact
Basyouni Hamada
The Islamic Knowledge Society Al Madina as a Case Study
Sulieman S. Saleh
Media and Transnational culture: With special reference to the Middle East
Mohammad Javad NATEGHPOUR

Media Production Analysis Working Group

Video production and information technology for HIV and AIDS communication for development in Ghana, West Africa.
Heiko Decosas
Forms of Organization in the game industry
Sonja Kröger, Thorsten Quandt
Production in Nollywood, Production in Lagos: The City, Creative Industries, and (Lack of) Connectivity to the Global System
Jade Miller
A Blurred Field - Methodological reflections on how to do ethnographic fieldwork among journalists outside the walls of the editorial offices
Joergen Skrubbeltrang
Heavy Users, Light producers: Online content generation among Singapore students
Fernando de la Cruz Paragas
Paparazzi and Content Aggregation: Archives, image banks and stock photography
Kim McNamara
The Spirit of News
Line Hassall Thomsen
Amateur authorship, digital media and the field of literary publishing
David Russell Brake
Sourcing and social media: the impact of new communication technologies on news gathering practices
Megan Knight
AV-industry’s SMEs in Europe’s North and their struggles with crossmedia production
Indrek Ibrus
Connecting to the city: a comparative analysis on urban mobile apps.
Andrea Davide Cuman
Exploring creativity in audiovisual production
Pamela Przybylski
A nice place to work? Creative labour in the independent television sector.
Anna Zoellner
Production Practices of Creativity and Collective Imaginative Inputs in Digital Cinematic Aesthetics and Productions
Sunny S. K. Lam
Announcing in multiplatform broadcasting: self-referentiality, buzz and eventfulness in a commercial music format.
Fredrik Stiernstedt
Creating Television Advertisements for the Japanese Market: The Use of Older Models
Michael Prieler, Florian Kohlbacher, Shigeru Hagiwara
Print and radio journalists in Portugal: a comparative study on the influence of the Internet on journalism
Helder Bastos, Helena Lima, Nuno Moutinho, Isabel Reis
Portuguese TV news websites: editorial policy, connectivity and participative culture
Helena Dias Lima, Ana Isabel Reis
Fictional narratives and multimedia platforms: analysis of a Brazilian experience
Nilda Aparecida Jacks, Daniela Schmitz, Erika Oikawa, Lourdes Silva, Michelli Machado, Monica Pieniz, Valquiria John, Wesley Grijó
Eight years of cross media work in local radio: an Australian case study
Anne K M Dunn
Between media convergence and good journalism: A qualitative study of convergence newsroom in China
Dong Leshuo
Studio Cities / City Studios: Production Practices in Contemporary Turkish Popular Cinema
Melis Behlil
Sensationalism, localism and interactivity: Understanding IPTV content strategy
Trisha T. C. Lin, Di Cui
Participants’ perspectives on documentary filmmaking
Willemien Sanders
Television news in a context of a high competition: The discourse of Spanish public television journalists
Jose M. Garcia de Madariaga, Manuel Martínez-Nicolás
Serial Ciak and Artistic Networks. Collaboration and Competition among Directors in the Italian Television Industry.
francesca odella, sara zanatta
Tracking news content-sharing: redistribution, re-use and re-purposing in convergent Australian newsrooms.
Fiona Martin

Media, Religion and Culture Working Group

The Avatars of Baba Ramdev: The Contradictory Politics of Hindu Televangelism
Santanu Chakrabarti
Different Reporting Camps: Cultural patterns and Agenda-Setting in newspaper coverage in Kazakhstan.
Sholpan Kozhamkulova
Globalization and Cultural Cohesion in the Developing World
Rana Eijaz Ahmad
Contested Terrain of Cosmopolitan Culture: Makkah as a Melting pot of Muslim Culture
Osman Bakur Gazzaz
The Imagination of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)’s Authorities about audiences in Iran; a Deep-content Analysis of Viewpoints by IRI’s Authorities from 2005 to 2010
Amir Abdolreza Sepanji
Religion, Fidelity and Social Networks: Technology Assisted Infidelity. A Case on Face book Chats.
Joseph Muyangata
Perceived censorship and global knowledge: A comparative study of the U.S. and Iran
Golnoosh Behrouzian
Romanian Media and religious Pilgrimages
Mihai Coman
God Texting: Filipino Youth Response to Religious SMS
Anthony Galapia Roman
EMBEDDING GUANXI: Understanding the Mobile Social Network in the Cultural Context of China
Jun Liu
Performing Religiosity Online: The Case of Filipino Migrants in Japan
Reggy Capacio Figer
A study of Generation and Prevalence of Internet Hot Words in China: from the Perspective of Internet Users
Dong Leshuo
Tower of Babel and the first Big Brother
Tsuriel Rashi
Tele-Gospel Viewership and Church Fellowship Loyalty Among Christians in Warri Metropolis
Harvey Godwin Ovie Igben
Film and Video as Expression and Experience of the Religious
Inês Gil
Theatre as a Primary Figure of Modern City Culture in 19th Century’s Istanbul
Dilek Özhan Koçak, Dilek Özhan Koçak
African Cities: Place for Developing a New “Hybrid” African Culture
Amidou Jean-Baptiste Sourou
Presley Ifukor, Presley Ifukor
The Media towards Metamorphosis of Faith from Private to Public Life
Kishwar Sultana
Old Conflict, New Perspective: Social media and news from Gaza
Irfan Raja Raja
Religious Radicalism in Turkey
Ramazan Bicer
The End of Regulation: ‘Kannywood’ and what audience preference tells us about the City
Ismail Adegboyega Ibraheem, Lanre Issa Onilu
Religion, culture, tourism, media and regional development. The case of Compostela Ways considered from situations of information and communication
Bourret Christian
Between horizontal and vertical communication. Everyday religiousness in the case studies of Syberian cities (Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Ulan Ude).
Jedrzej Morawiecki, Bartosz Jastrzebski
God in a Big City: "public confession" of Russian Internet users
Victor Khroul
Between the Cross and the Crescent: Identity and Secular Consumption in Lebanese Advertising
Assem Nasr
Girard, media, and the death penalty
Mark Brewin
A reversal on the Brazilian media religious scene: communication and psychoanalysis
Potiguara Mendes da Silveira Jr., Aristides Alonso
Abortion in Brazilian presidential elections of 2010: an analysis of the framing in the diary Folha de São Paulo
IVAN LUIS DAVID IUNES, Thaïs de Mendonça Jorge
The seminal genres of religious communication
Johannes Ehrat
Media’s magnification on religious isolation in Ayodhya: Question of democracy and ‘secular’ India
Sabyasachi Dasgupta
Rabbis & Journalists in Israel: A Conflictual Relationship
Yoel Cohen
Religious symbols as a factor of political conflict in growing democracy: a Polish case
Karolina Marta Churska-Nowak, Dorota Piontek
Palestine: The brand-state solution
Kund Florian
Material and inmaterial heritage: protecticon of cultural and historic heritage in the cities
Luis Javier Capote-Pérez, Eva María González-Lorenzo
"Native digital media": the digitization of local cultures to netativism
Eliete da Silva Pereira
Convoluted Modernities and Practices of Veiling in Neoliberal/Globalized Cities and Spaces
Tabassum Khan
The Current Perspective of Virtual Social Networks in Iran and their Functionality in Cultural Content Production
Shahab Mobasheri
Utilizing Information Theory in Content Analysis and Identifying Linguistic Tendencies of Persian Weblogs in a Specific Time Interval
Shahab Mobasheri
Muslim Citzens in Europe and Dynamics of 'Integrations Debatte' - case of Germany
Anna Paluszek
Beatification of John Paul II in Rome in May 2011 - a Religious and Multimedia Event
Janina Fras
Promotional Yoga. Union of the Body, Mind and the Market economy.
Liina Puustinen
Between the Rabbi and the Cyberspace: Aspects of Pluralism in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Forum
einav behar
“Blind Quam and the Visual”- Islamic Home Film Movement in a South Asian City and its Hinterland, Kerala, India
T T Sreekumar, Bindu Mannil Menon
Internet as a missionary tool 2.0 - case study on facebook
sara balonas
Media Framing of Religion and Politics in Turkey
Selcan Kaynak
Dynamics of New and Traditional Media in Contemporary Iran; Toward a Conceptual Framework
Mahdi Yousefi
Uncovering the Meaning of Sacred Text by Means of Media Uses?
Frank Coffey
Scapegoating, Recovenenting and Totem Regeneration through Political Apology
M. Shivaun Corry
Look at Me! I am Moslem, Young and Fashioned: Blog and the Transformation of Moslem Youth’s Fashion Into Popular Culture
Storytelling, narrativity, and “revelations” of divinity in the urban media today
Guy Marchessault
Clash of Civilisations: UK/Africa and Press/Church
Maria Way
Contemporary Practice of Imbalu Ritual: Interfacing African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Popular Culture
Dominica Dipio

Popular Culture Working Group

Youth, connectivity and cybercultures. Transgressing heteronormativity in online popular social networks
Sofie Van Bauwel, Sander De Ridder
Music scenes, music networks, music worlds? Different ways of approaching the independent live music in Milan
Silvia Maria Tarassi
Interaction, feedback, reinforcement and collective identity: The role of zine making in the formation and sustaining of community and personal networks
Peter Bryant
Bond, Bonding and Bondage: Crime Films, Perverse Pleasure and Glocalization
See Kam Tan
Cosmopolitan celebrities’ City-Hopping to Save The World: Analysis of the Framing of Development Issues and World Relations in Celebrity Philanthropy Documentaries
Hilde Van den Bulck
Identity and Romantic Love: Interpretations of the Television series "Sex and the City"
Angeliki Gazi
K-Pop, riding on the YouTube, goes global
iDoobo iShim, Kwangwoo Noh
A “Popular” Communication Across National Frontiers: The Eurovision Song Contest
altug akin
Cultural Homogenization: new questions?
Tonny Krijnen
Local Toys In The Global Market: An Evaluation Of Toys In Istanbul Toy Market
Avşar Gürpınar
Between affects and cultural markets: the music scenes as a form of mediatization of music consumption
Victor de Almeida Nobre Pires
Zines and the City: Resistance, Community, and the Search for Urban Authenticities in New Orleans
Nathan Jessee
War Games: Analyzing the relationship between militaristic attitudes and the use of military-themed digital games
Ruth Festl, Michael Scharkow, Johannes Breuer, Thorsten Quandt
Exotic proximity : agrarians looking for love in the French TV show L’amour est dans le pré.
L.A dis (re) membered: pilgrimage as vortext.
Barry John King
The East-Asian Based DIY Music Industry Within a Post-Fordist Economy: A case study from Taiwan
Miaoju Jian
Jeremy Kyle: metaethical interrogation of everyday life stories
Peter Lunt
Between Iraq and a hard place: DJ culture and the affective economies of digital music
Nabeel Zuberi
The mediatization of everyday life through Reality TV Motivation for viewing Reality TV and learning from Reality TV – Results of a representative german population survey
Karin Knop
Verka Serduchka as a Transcending Carnival of Post-Soviet Ukraine
Alla V Tovares
Carimbó, popular music from the Amazon between tradition and the contemporary scenes
Marcelo Monteiro Gabbay
Television and discipline: an analysis of Spanish Makeover Reality TV
Mercè Oliva Rota
A Tale of Two Cities? A Divided Cairo and its Many Young Cosmopolitans
Heba Elsayed, Myria Georgiou
Celebritization: a conceptual framework
Olivier Driessens
Imag(in)ing the Global City. The World Cinema Turn in Paris
Arne Saeys
Popularizing the Political, Politicizing the Popular: National Values and the Brazilian Television Mini-series
Niall Patrick Brennan
Law and Order: Crimes and Social Exclusion in the
Luiza Lusvarghi
“Freedom on Film”: Neoliberal Economics and Media Narratives 1950-1980
Heide Solbrig
Playing at Economics: Video Games as Economic Educator
Randall Nichols
Broken Promises: War, Nationalism and Sexuality in Arab Music Videos
Marwan M Kraidy
Popular Cultural Consumption in the Cultural Economy of Asia: Conceptualizing Media Regionalization in the case of Digital Korean wave
peichi chung
Bollywood in the city: The transcultural consumption of Indian Cinema across global urban spaces
Ruma Sen
Triumph of Concealment: The Politics of Murals in Post-Revolutionary Iran and Mexico
Sara Mourad
War Made Boring: YouTube, Iraq and the Everyday Spectacle
Christian Christensen
Popular Current Affairs programs and life in the suburbs.
John joseph Benson
Núria García-Muñoz, Maddalena Fedele, Xiana Gómez
Veiled Woman, Super Model or Girl-Next-Door: (New) Representations of Female Migrants on German Television
Margreth Lünenborg, Katharina Fritsche, Christine Linke, Lisa Konrad
The will to celebrity and the mediatic visibility as a value for/in contemporary popular culture.
Leonardo Gomes Pereira
Aftershock of "Aftershock": The Voices from a Chinese Social Networking Site on Chinese Blockbuster Movie and Collective Memory
Le Han
Structural Transformation Analysis of Weekday Daytime Programs in Turkish Televisions Between 2000-2010 Years
Ece Karadogan Doruk, Sibel Sisko, Can Sansal, Selen Inanici, Hande Hadis
Burcu Yaman
Of cities that never sleep and other towns - The impact of popular culture on how we make sense of place
Christian Schwarzenegger
Do It Yourself Citizenship in “Sex and the City”
Vaia Doudaki
“Mainstream” Production and Rhetoric Strategies in Prime-Time Italian TV Series
Sara Zanatta
Citing Elvis in the Pacific:
Sarina Pearson
The Boundaries of Cosmopolitanism
Shai M. Dromi
Anachronistic Politics of Contemporary Turkish Television
Elif Kahraman
Making Do and Mending - Domestic television in the age of austerity: Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Homes
Deborah Philips

Post-Socialist and Post-Authoritarian Communication Working Group

Media's Role in Transitional Period
Tilak Prasad Pathak
social and mass-media transformation in Russia and China
runze wang, lerong jia
Post – communism, media and the political liturgies
Mihai Coman
Polish media 22 years after socio-political breakthrough – from traditional to digital media.
Adam Szynol
Suppression and Control of Cyber-dissent in the Caucasus: Obstacles and Opportunities for Social Media and the Web
Brian J. Bowe, Robin Blom, Eric Freedman
Negotiating with two ‘masters’: Autonomy and heteronomy of Chinese journalistic field
Haiyan Wang
Global Communication in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Engaging Cultural Openness via International Broadcasting
Tarana Mahmudova
Changing face of regional media market in Russia
Katja Koikkalainen
Political communication via the Net: Twitter, Blogs and Social Networks as a Competitive Instrument of Current Politicians: Russian Case
Marina Mikhailovna Pavlikova, Tamara Sergeevna Yakova
Mapping Media Systems in Non-Western Countries: An Updated Approach
Xiaoge Xu
Mediatisation of local election? New media in the process of shaping local democracy in Poland.
Ilona Joanna Biernacka-Ligieza
Framing the cities: comparing news reports in Latvian and Russian media about Riga and Moscow
Inta Brikse
Nation branding in post-communist Europe: Identities, markets, and democracy
Nadia Kaneva
Trends in political communication: a post-socialist experience in 20 years after the fall of dictatorship in Hungary
Gabriella Szabó, Balázs Kiss
The Role of Non-traditional Media in Crisis Events Coverage
Anastasia Redchenko, Andrey Korotkov
The role of talk and reality shows in redefining the notion of the public sphere in post-communist Lithuania
Dovile Ruginyte-Daveluy
A Typology of Morocco's Media System in the Country’s Democratic Transition
Bouziane Zaid
Glamour politics: political spin in Russia on the eve of the electoral cycle 2011/2012
Anastasia Grusha, Natalia Skripkina
The globalization of protest communications for lack of local public media
Nataliya Ikonnikova
The transformation of patron-client relationships between the press and the state in Taiwan
Lihyun Lin
The Internet and the blogosphere as major factors of the modernization of the Russian Society
Yassen Zassoursky
Networked power in Transitional Countries: Russia and China Compared
bingchun meng, Terhi Rantanen
Transformations of newspaper industry in Bangladesh: from authoritarian to 'market-driven journalism'?
Shameem Mahmud
"The new type of the Political Communication in Frames of Russian Cities"
Andrei Vadim Raskin
Social media in Russia
Ivan I Zassoursky

Visual Culture Working Group

Contemporary photography: the city and the body
Juliana Martins Evaristo da Silva
A Film Without Time or Space: Ulak
Iclal Alev Degim
Creating and connecting with the magic mirror: independent cinema in urban China
Sara Beretta
Mapping Projection: the real and virtual on metropolises buildings
Felipe de Castro Muanis
Unbroken Windows: The New Urban Streetscape
Aurora Wallace
Korean Cinema Today: Straddling the National and the Transnational
JungBong Choi
Fernando do Nascimento Gonçalves
Full interaction in Brazilian digital terrestrial television: On the relevance of a cultural and teleological approach
Carlos Eduardo Marquioni
KITSCH: an old bluff for the art of 21 century?
Raising Awareness through Philitainment: Solve Hunger, Eradicate Malaria and Have Fun
Ergin Bulut
Visualscape – the global dimension of visual culture as experienced in the changing environment of urbanized world
Andrzej Gwizdalski
The production of erotica: Visual culture in photobooks
Donna Chu
Visualizing the cause: visual politics of evidence in South Korea
Soochul Kim
Taming the primitive: visual anthropology of South Korean TV documentary
Sunny Yoon
Reading cities from photography. (No)places, images and anchorage.
Helena Pires, Teresa Mora
The digital aesthetic: their representations and relationships between the cultural and technological
Monica B S Tavares, Eugenio Lima Mendes
The images of Millennium Development Goals - Poverty and Policy in portuguese photojournalism
Sónia Judite Bravo Lamy
Interspatiotemporality of spectator space - Finding a communal space in experiencing urban digital spectacles
Katherina Allo, Yasraf Amir Piliang
Nevena Dakovic
The Sámi culture in change: from nomads to urban citizens
Heli Lehtelä
The contemporary documentary as a device in Jogo de Cena, by Eduardo Coutinho
Thalita Bastos
From Pictorialism to Visual Cliche: Tracing the Historical Developments of Scenic Photography in China
Shi Li
Aziz Istanbul, Ode to a City: Imagining Istanbul through Music in Fatih Akin’s Crossing the Bridge.
Jenny Stümer, Janus Currie
DIY Dying: Narratives of Urban Riots and Political Martyrs in the YouTube Community
Tina Riis Askanius
The images of musical videoclips as cultural translators: communication and complexity in the visual language of musical videoclips and their possibility of understanding by different audiences
Jose Mauricio C M Silva, Alexandre Huady Torres Guimaraes, Marcos Nepomuceno
Cinema and the Global City: Moving images and symbolic identities
Rahoul Masrani
Carmen Llorente
Istanbul Social Change and Turkish Cinema
Iran A State of Art: Making History and Politics through Art in and out of Iran
roxanne varzi
An Inconvenient Image: violent crime in photojournalism in the Brazilian State of Pernambuco
Monica Fontana
Displaying nation at the airport of a cosmopolitan city: Edo-street in the new Haneda airport and building national identity
Jiyoon Kim
The condition of the image in between the film, media art and performance
Cesar Baio, Walmeri Ribeiro
Urban creativity and connectivity in Brazilian cultural scenario
Denize Correa Araujo
Flaneur 2.0
Ilija Tomanic Trivundza
The Use of Graphics, Pictures and Videos on an Informative Landscape
Ana Serrano Tellería
Inception: modeling space
deborah A. Tudor
Collective Memory and Images of 9/11: A Research Agenda
Susan Keith
Photography in the production of space. Research on the imaginary of the view from above in western visual culture
Teresa Mendes Flores
aesthetics of remediating the self through interactive walking
Thaer Zuabi
Theorizing Technology: Theoretical Trends and Core Concepts in Visual Communication
Debashis Aikat, Naser Md. Abu, Nikhil Moro, Abhijit Sen
Tele-tourism: the cultural politics of visual storytelling of foreign land
Myounghye Kim
Shared Borders of Poverty and Hope in Istanbul
Melis Oğuz, Deniz Bayrakdar

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